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44 Things That Prove Brown is Brilliant Not Boring ...

By Neecey

It's rare to find brown as the answer to the question, "What is your favorite color?" but that's a shame because brown is brilliant - really! Brown is boring, I hear you say. Brown is not boring! From the palest tan to the darkest burnished chestnut, brown is brilliant and here are some wonderful brown things to prove it.

1 Vintage round Suitcase

Vintage round SuitcaseVia Vintage Round Suitcase Luggage PIece ...

There was a time when most all luggage was brown. Vintage luggage pics are still among the nicest brown things.

2 Brown Bedroom

Brown BedroomVia Information About Rate My Space

Brown and cream create one of the most popular home decorating palettes. It works in every room of the house.

3 Brown Barn

Brown BarnVia The Perfect Palette: {Barn Chic ...

A brown barn is a symbol of the countryside, whichever country you live in.

4 Violin

ViolinVia Violin by Garry Gay

Where would music be without brown instruments - the string section instruments, pianos, harps, xylophones - they all need wood, and wood is brown. This alone proves brown is brilliant.

5 Coffee Mugs

Coffee MugsVia Slow Down & Enjoy Your ...

Brown things can make your friends and colleagues jealous.

6 Brown Phone

Brown PhoneBrown is simple but it just works.

7 Brown Cat

Brown CatAnd brown has the capacity to surprise.

8 Toast

ToastVia Pictures of the day: 10 ...

I can't imagine life without toast.

9 Wooden Floors

Wooden FloorsVia Antique French Oak Large Plank ...

There's something beautiful about wooden floors.

10 Vintage

VintageVia looking for rainbows in the ...

Brown is the color of vintage - cases, books, furniture ...

11 Chocolate


If you had to choose just one reason why brown is brilliant!

12 Vintage Mailbox

Vintage MailboxVia crumpled envelope...

Doesn't it make you sad that writing letters is a dying art?

13 Little Brown Jug

Little Brown JugVia Revealed: The brutal history of ...

Brown inspires great tunes ... "Little Brown Jug," "Brown Sugar," "Brown Girl in the Ring," Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" ...

14 Cola


Whatever they say about it being bad for us, cola is still one of the world's favorite drinks.

15 Brown Sugar

Brown SugarVia Platinum Blondies (and do-it-yourself brown ...

Brown is sweet.

16 Acorns

AcornsVia Crush Cul de Sac

Brown is as much a color of life as green - think about how many seeds are brown.

17 Baseball

BaseballVia “Every strike brings me closer ...

What would baseball be without brown leather?

18 Brown Eggs

Brown EggsVia Kara Rosenlund - Vignette Class ...

Brown or white - equally as good. (Even better in chocolate!)

19 Brown Shells

Brown ShellsVia Kara Rosenlund

In nature, brown is beautiful, always.

20 Wicker Baskets

Wicker BasketsVia The Little Corner - The ...

Brown things are so useful.

21 Spices

SpicesVia brown dress with white dots

Cinnamon, ground coriander, cloves, star anise, nutmeg,
ground ginger ... need I say more?

22 Teddy Bears

Teddy BearsVia Lin & Gareth Davis, Teddy ...

Who didn't have a teddy bear when they were little? Who still has a teddy bear? ^_^

23 Brown Handbag

Brown HandbagVia Fossil Vintage Revival Croco Flap ...

If all else fails, choose brown.

24 Brown Leaves

Brown LeavesVia Daily Tune Ups

We all love the changing color of the leaves in fall.

25 Coffee

CoffeeVia citta.

Enough said.

26 Brown Eye Makeup

Brown Eye MakeupVia Poze MACHIAJ DE SEARA pentru ...

Brown eye shadow is a color we can all wear, whatever color our eyes.

27 Brown Leather Couch

Brown Leather CouchVia

A piece of classic furniture since way back.

28 Peanut Butter

Peanut ButterVia DIY: Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe ...

Healthy and wholesome.

29 Brown Nails

Brown NailsVia NARS Bad Influence Nail Polish ...

You can paint your nails brown in so many shades.

30 Brown-Bag Lunches

Brown-Bag LunchesVia Brown-Bag Lunches

Even when you know what's inside, it's still fun to open the

31 Brown Rice

Brown RiceVia Easy Cilantro Lime Brown Rice ...

When it comes to some foods, the brown version is better for you.

32 Brownies

BrowniesVia Fall Foodie Weekend

Anything chocolate is beautiful.

33 Mushrooms

MushroomsVia 10 Most Amazing Mushrooms (cool ...

Mushrooms are one of nature's great brown foods.

34 Trees

TreesVia 9 Ultimate Family Road Trips

There'd be no gorgeous green leaves without brown trunks.

35 Brown Owl

Brown OwlVia Northern Saw-whet owl, 8x10 unframed ...

In the bird kingdom it is the males that are brightly colored and elaborately fashioned. But all brown owls are beautiful.

36 Pine Cones

Pine ConesVia Making Your Own Pine Cone ...

Symbols of fall and Christmas.

37 Milk Chocolate Roses

Milk Chocolate RosesVia Milk Chocolate Roses

Brown is such an uncommon color for roses but when it appears, oh boy!

38 Horse

HorseVia Sweet eyes...

Such a noble and beautiful creature.

39 Brown Puppy

Brown PuppyVia Brown Dog Names: Male & ...

So cute and adorable.

40 Beautiful Stylish Brown Leather Jacket

Beautiful Stylish Brown Leather JacketVia Redirecting

Aged brown leather has such character.

41 Brown Butterfly


Mother Nature's use of brown is awesome.

42 Brown Hair

Brown HairVia 4 Stunning Highlights for Dark ...

So many gorgeous shades of brown.

43 Brown Paper Packages ...

Brown Paper Packages ...Via Top 10 Beautiful DIY Brown ...

...tied up with string ... these are a few of my favorite things.

44 Brown Lips

Brown LipsVia

Not a color palette everyone can pull off but so gorgeous.

So my little stalkers, have I proved that brown isn't boring? What are your favorite brown things?

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