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7 Best Things about Having a Brother ...

By Alicia

These are some nice thoughts to ponder on about the best things about having a brother. There are some uniquely special things about having either a brother or a sister. But there are some things about having a brother that are pretty special. Let’s talk about some of the best things about having a brother.

1 He Can Help You out

One of the best things about having a brother is he can help you out when you need it. Maybe he can change your tire for you if you have a flat or work on your car if you're having car issues. He might help you by carrying something really heavy or getting something down from a high shelf for you. You may be capable of doing all those things for yourself and many more and that's okay. It’s great if you can, but if you can’t, it’s great to have a brother to help you out.

2 He Can Offer Insight into Guys

A brother can offer you some wise insight into guys. He can help you to understand why your boyfriend might be acting the way he is. He can give you an outsider’s opinion. Since he's a guy too, he probably gets what your boyfriend is doing or thinking. This can be very helpful when you don't understand.

3 He Could Have Cute Friends

This doesn’t always work out in your favor, but sometimes it does. Sometimes you are lucky and your brother has cute friends. He may even have friends that you would love to be fixed up with or have a date with. It’s an option to consider. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

4 He Can Warn You about the Wrong Guys

Your brother most likely knows which guys are not the right guys for you. This is especially true if he is close to your age. He probably hears things you don’t about other guys and knows a different side of him. His input can be helpful. It can save you from a lot of heartache.

5 He’s Someone to Laugh with

Brothers can usually be very entertaining. Having a brother that you can laugh with is great. You can just relax and have fun together. If your brother has a great sense of humor, enjoy it. It can make the other stresses of your life melt away.

6 You Feel Comfortable around Guys

A brother can help you to feel more comfortable around guys. When you have grown up with one or more brothers, you are generally acclimated to the male culture. You don’t feel as nervous and awkward as you would if you had been raised up with only sisters. This is an advantage. It saves you a lot of awkwardness. You can just relax and be yourself around a guy you may be interested in.

7 A Sibling is Special

Brothers are special just like sisters are. No matter which you have, they are important to you. You love them. No one gets your kooky family quite like they do. They understand how difficult some family members from your shared family tree may be.

These are a few of the best things about having a brother. What do you think is great about having a brother? Share your thoughts here.

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