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7 Things Only Majorly Indecisive Individuals Understand ...

By Vladlena

Indecisive individuals are always viewed to be timid but it is not our fault that we just prefer to ponder on our choices before making a decision, which may potentially have a great affect on our lives. Although I won’t argue that extreme indecisiveness can pose a definite problem, most of the times it can give you a moment to process information and prevent you from making a wrong decision on a whim. So let’s take a look at what only indecisive individuals would understand.

1 Choosing from the Menu Takes Forever

If you find yourself in a new restaurant and consider yourself as one of indecisive individuals, you probably understand just how hard it is to pick out a dish. You just want to try them all! Tip number one for dealing with your indecisiveness - tell your friends to order different dishes so you can all try a little bit of everything.

2 You Force Others to Pick for You

Once you actually manage to narrow down your choices to two, you really can’t decide between them any further. So you resort to doing something silly as flipping a coin, or you let people whom you trust completely decide for you. In retrospect, things actually work out pretty well!

3 Trying on Clothes Takes Longer than It Should

Indecisiveness really peaks when you are shopping on a low budget. There are so many things you want to get but your financial constraints are making you decide between several items you must have in your closet. This makes things a lot more difficult in the changing room, so you spend what seems like forever, trying things over and over again.

4 You Find Yourself Making Pros and Cons List

When it comes to making difficult decisions, the best way I have learned to come to the right decision is by making a pros and cons list. Seeing all of the factors that come into play on a piece of paper really organizes your thoughts and allows you to visualize all of the positive and negative outcomes. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself!

5 Big Stores Overwhelm You

Colossal department and grocery stores with an overabundance of products make things much harder when you are an indecisive person, to the point that even picking a cereal requires a lot of thinking. Nonetheless I can never stay away from stores such as Costco; I’d rather be overwhelmed with plenty of options than be limited to one product.

6 You Criticize Yourself for Being Indecisive

As an indecisive person, you have probably already realized just how serious your problem is. You have tried to change but being indecisive is just your personality. It is not necessarily a bad thing that you would rather think before making a decision, so don’t feel down about it!

7 Coming to a Decision is a Weight off Your Shoulders

Coming to a decision after a period of deep thought can feel quite rewarding. You feel good about your decision no matter how insignificant or serious it may be, because you put a considerable amount of time and thought into your decision.

While some may think indecisiveness is a weak quality in a person, I tend to think quite the opposite. It is almost an instinctive self defense mechanism that minimizes the risk of making the wrong decision. Are you an indecisive person yourself?

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