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7 Parts of Your Life to Keep Private and off Social Media ...

By Teresa

There are many parts of your life to keep private, especially in the social media age. It’s important to think before you post, because you never really know who’s watching what you do. Be smart, follow these simple tips to make sure which parts of your life to keep private and off social media, and you’ll have a social media presence you’re proud of in no time!

1 Fights

Keep your fights off of social media. It’s so important to know which parts of your life to keep private, and fighting is undoubtedly the most important one. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves to grab the popcorn and enjoy reading a good fight in the comments of a Facebook selfie, but do you really want to be on the other end of that? It only makes you look immature and ridiculous. Stay away from social media fighting. You’ll thank yourself later.

2 Lewd or Crude Behavior

At one point or another, a potential boss will look you up on social media. Depending on your boss, there’s a pretty high chance that they don’t want to see swearing or other crude behavior all over your profile. Try to act as professional as you would if you were in a job interview. Eventually, your social media profiles could say more about you than your actual job interviews could.

3 Superfluous Selfies

If you like to take selfies, more power to you. However, don’t go overboard. I’d say that one selfie a week is pushing it, but I’m personally not a fan of selfies. You definitely don’t need to post more than one selfie a day. Before you say this is ridiculous to even note, you can probably think of at least one person on at least one of your social media profiles who posts more than one selfie a day. Don’t be that person.

4 Remember Your Audience

Just like remembering that a future employer could be lurking around your social media, remember the rest of your audience. Would you want your grandmother to see what you’re about to post? Would your friend roll her eyes if she knew you were about to post this? Remember your audience before you post.

5 Love Life

Obviously this point comes with conditions. Talk about your love life on social media if you feel comfortable with it! However, if you’re in a ridiculous, tumultuous relationship, maybe try to keep it off of social media. This goes back to my first point about keeping fights off of social media. If you break up and get back together every day, and then post about it on your social media accounts, there’s a fairly good chance that 80% of your Facebook friends are rolling their eyes at you.

6 Your Workout Regime

I think everyone gets annoyed with workout updates. One of the most common tweets and statuses I’ve ever seen is “If you don’t post about working out, did you really work out?” You don’t need to post about your workouts to have truly worked out. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re proud of your progress, post away! Just try not to be superfluous about it.

7 Partying

This is especially important if you’re in college. Keep your partying off of social media. It will save you the trouble of changing your name on every social media account, as well as putting all of your accounts on private, when trying to get a job. Do your future self a favor and keep it off of your profile.

Do you follow these tips? What social media rules do you follow? Let me know in the comments!

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