7 Things Introverts Will Never Tell You but You Need to Know ...


There are quite a few things introverts will never tell you! You should know what those things are in order to understand them better, and I’m sure you’ll realize that most of the stereotypes that revolve around them are in fact false. Because we live in a world that celebrates extroversion, introverts have quite a few obstacles to overcome, since a lot of people do not understand them or their actions. You could even say that they have kind of a bad rap in social circles, but most of the things that are said about them are not true. Here are a few things introverts will never tell you that you should know, so you can understand them better and realize how wonderful they really are:

1. They Don’t Really like Crowds

Among the things introverts will never tell you is, of course, the fact that they don’t like crowds. While extroverts recharge by being around people, introverts get their energy from being alone. They need to spend some “alone time” every day to feel comfortable, so try to respect that and don’t insist on making them do something they don’t really want. They often feel overwhelmed when they find themselves in a large group, and crowds make them feel a little woozy.

They Don’t like Networking Events