The Best Fall Activity for Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Best Fall Activity for Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Best Fall Activity for Your Zodiac Sign ...

I love the fall, don’t you? It’s that magical time of the year when the hottest of the summer weather is gone, but the coldest of the winter weather is yet to hit. It leaves you with lots of time to partake in some specifically seasonal activities! You should definitely spend time doing ‘things’ until it gets too cold and harsh and you close yourself away and wait for Christmas to come! Here is the best fall activity for your zodiac sign.

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girl, performance art, You love to gear up to something and prepare, so you should spend your time coming up with and putting together the perfect Halloween costume!



dish, vegetarian food, food, soup, recipe, You are a true foodie, so you can expect to spend most of your time during the fall cooking and enjoying all of those home comfort foods that were too heavy to eat in the heat of the summer!



costume, fashion, performance art, performance, Being a true Gemini, you have a talent for multitasking like no other, which makes you the perfect candidate to arrange and organise a killer Halloween party for you and your friends.



flora, leaf, plant, girl, grass, Anything that gets you out in nature is a great fall activity for a Cancer. Something like fruit picking with your friends before the vines get too cold is a great idea.



fun, summer, vacation, girl, recreation, You are the life and soul of the party, and your natural habitat during the fall is most definitely the wildest area of a football tailgate party!



photograph, black, white, black and white, person, You are a real pop culture junkie, and there is something about the fall that makes you crave the nostalgia of watching old movies. Make them seasonal like Hocus Pocus and the Goonies!



tourist attraction, art gallery, museum, exhibition, art, Fall is the perfect time for a Libra to dive into some culture, so make a few trips to your nearest museums and soak it all in.



cartoon, anime, art, illustration, fiction, You are going to want to enjoy as much time outside before the snow and ice comes, so going out on fall hikes and bike rides is ideal.



product, muscle, mouth, girl, arm, The delicate, slow nature of fall doesn’t always match with your adventurous personality, so put some speed into your life by visiting a theme park with friends.



darkness, night, atmosphere, tree, sky, You are the kind of person who waits all year round for Halloween, and you love a good scare so going to a haunted house is the perfect activity!



bonfire, fire, campfire, flame, night, Your talent is bringing people together, so at this time of the year doing something like organising a nice bonfire party is perfect.



boutique, room, fashion, dress, shopping, You love a good bargain, and the fall is one of the best times to do the rounds at thrift stores and charity shops to pick up some vintage gems!

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