10 Surefire Ways to Lose an Argument ...


There are ways to lose an argument and then there are other ways to lose an argument! Does it matter? Yes - if there is a point to the argument and it isn’t just petty conflict. If you lose an argument it means you have failed to make the other party see your point of view, and that might have repercussions going forward. If you want to remain at loggerheads, or fail to see a resolution in your favor, here are some certain behaviors and ways to lose an argument.

1. Rolling Your Eyes

One of the easiest ways to lose an argument is simply to roll your eyes. Body language is very important in the art of debating and arguing; rolling your eyes will show that you are simply being arrogant and dismissive, rather than taking on board what the other person is saying. The only exception is if rolling your eyes is part of your argument, to provoke a response from the other person.

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