7 Sure Signs That You're a '90s Chick ...


Remember the crazy Windows screen saver that looked like a maze, the funky green desktop background or the silly paperclip that would keep you updated; well, those are just a few signs that you’re a '90s girl. Now that we are in the 21st century, all of this reminiscing about the 20th century makes me feel old. I used to love having Snood on my desktop. That would be my go to game. I also loved using butterfly hair clips to hold my hair back. My favorite accessory, being a 90s chick, was my plastic stretch tattoo necklace. If your favorite had-to-have items included the Gap perfume, glitter, and boy band CDs such as NSYNC, then those are the signs that you’re a '90s girl.

1. Still Have a Beeper

A beeper , also known formally as a “pager,” was that small little square with a single screen that looked like a digital rectangle. Remember those things? Yes, they came before the cell phone. It was the only way of getting in touch with someone who wasn’t home. It was the “in” device to have in the 1990s. Silly strings of numbers with meanings, such as “143” for “I love you,” were sent to family members and partners. If you had a beeper clipped on to your jeans that made you feel important, that is just one of the countless signs that you’re a '90s girl.

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