10 Super Addictive Websites Every Girl with a Wide Range of Interests Will Love ...


10 Super Addictive Websites Every Girl with a Wide Range of Interests Will Love ...
10 Super Addictive Websites Every Girl with a Wide Range of Interests Will Love ...

For anyone who has a wide range of interests there's almost nothing better than finding a few great websites full of everything you love to read about! Keep reading for my list of recommendations for you 😄 😍 😘

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Fashion Toast

Calling all fashion and travel lovers! Rumi Neely's website called 'Fashion Toast' is full of amazing fashion inspo - from designer pieces like YSL bags to simple pieces like plain white singlets and denim shorts! Rumi's been pretty much all the over the world, so travel lovers will adore looking through her archive pages full of beautiful places and all the stunning backdrops used for her photos!


The Lo down

Body, health, diet, beauty, fashion - you name it, the Lo Down has you covered! As the name suggests, this is Lo Bosworth's website, and anyone with a wide range of interests will absolutely adore it! There's even a new addition to the site which is focused around more personal issues such as relationships, mental health, anxiety and stress. Two words: simply amazing!


Your Zen Life

Your Zen Life is a website perfect for anyone who loves spirituality, meditation and adapting to the 'Zen' like lifestyle. Inspiring Australian actress Teresa Palmer runs this website and remains super involved, even contributing her own series of 'Tez Talks' in which she gives advice on how you can live calmfully and mindfully and answers common questions asked by like-minded people!


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, also known as 'LC' has an amazing website full of tips on how to get fit, great books to read, yummy recipes for great meal ideas, and even how to give your room a cute makeover! There's so many different categories covered on her website that you'll be spoilt for choice!


Who What Wear

Who What Wear has everything from great fashion inspo to the latest street style trends! Enjoy the many how-to videos for various DIY projects and scroll through the endless pages of seasonal must-haves amongst shoes, clothes, bags, jewellery and even accessories!



Any lovers of health, beauty and makeup will love Brydie! Find out more about hair, skin, nails and get makeup advice and tips straight from the experts who know it all! Brydie is all about helping you to have a healthy lifestyle, so you'll also find pages dedicated to diet and fitness with more expert advice on how to achieve and maintain this!


My Domain

Are you really into your décor? Then you'll be right at home at My Domain! Here you can read up on the latest in home décor, food, travel, career, love and dating, weddings, real estate, music, film, parenting and heaps more! My Domain is perfect for anyone with a wide range of interests like these.


Good Reads

Want to discover your next favourite book? Then head over to Good Reads and scroll through their endless lists of great books based on their genre and style. You can even read through reviews from other book lovers such as yourself and see what they thought! Anyone who loves reading or finding great, new books to read will love Good Reads!


Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a great website for anyone who loves to read about love and relationships. Here you'll find heaps of articles based on the writer's own personal experiences in these areas, how they have felt and what they have learnt from it. Personally, I love Thought Catalog because often I can relate to a lot of the articles and it can be quite comforting to know that you're not alone in experiencing it - especially if your love life isn't looking so great!


Elite Daily

Similar to Thought Catalog, Elite Daily also has heaps of articles written by authors and writers on various subjects like love and relationships. Not only this, though, but there's a whole page on entertainment, celebs, music and TV so it's also a great website for anyone who loves reading up on these!

I love finding new websites to read and love - do you have any of your own favourites to recommend or add to the list? Comment below and let me know! ❤️ ‌‌💖‌‌

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StumbleUpon..it’s an app, but I’m pretty a website first. Love the app. They suggest websites for you based on the interest categories you select in your profile. Really interesting. You should check it out. It’s hard to get me off once I’m on it.

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