5 Steps to Lucid Dreaming for Girls Who Want to Try ...


5 Steps to Lucid Dreaming for Girls Who Want to Try ...
5 Steps to Lucid Dreaming for Girls Who Want to Try ...

Have you ever wanted to try lucid dreaming? The steps to lucid dreaming are your starting point.

What exactly is lucid dreaming you ask? Well, lucid dreaming is defined as "a dream in which the dreamer is aware they are dreaming" and it's actually pretty cool! Here's 5 steps to lucid dreaming, but be aware: it does usually take some practice!

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Wake up!

face, nose, head, mouth, chin, The first of the steps to lucid dreaming is to be more aware while you're awake. Become aware of your surroundings and begin to return everything! Are you dreaming now? How do you know? How can you tell reality from the dream? Find triggers in the dream world that would only exist in reality. This might be a bracelet, a tattoo, or even pinching yourself randomly during the day so when you dream you can do it and not feel anything.


Sleep on Your Back, Body Relaxed

still life, painting, still life photography, Lay in bed with your feet, eyebrows, jaws, and everything relaxed. Place your hands at your sides with your palms facing up. Just like meditating, do not move if you want the best results. If you itch, let it pass. Keep thinking random thoughts and then let them pass. Find a place of quiet and peace in your mind and focus on that one thing. For example, your breath, the shapes behind your eyes, counting sheep. Whatever helps you come into a deep state of calmness. Finally when you see shapes and begin to feel like you are in the shape and it is 3D like, you are in your dream! Anything is possible!


Use Your Alarm!

product, product design, clock, metal, Your alarm will help to wake you during your deepest parts of sleep. Stay up for 10 minutes or so to get the mind going and active so your conscious will be awake when you go back to sleep and it will be more likely your mind will know it's dreaming.


Keep a Dream Journal

girl, hand, long hair, darkness, photo shoot, When you wake up, write down your dreams in your journal. Your mind is fresh from your dreams and this is the best time to record them. When you do this, you will begin recalling dreams much easier and much more often. This will help you in case you have repetitions in your dream. You can keep looking for the repetition and when it happens again, you will know you're dreaming.


Talk to Someone about Your Dreams

girl, This helps cement your memory and awareness of the dream and helps you remember your dreams longer and much more efficiently. Talking about your dreams makes them feel even more real.

Have you tried lucid dreaming? Will you try it now?

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