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3 Smart Ways to Get Revenge for Girls Looking to Even the Scales ...

By Cortney

When we’ve been hurt, we want justice. But there are some smart ways to get revenge and some that's aren't so smart. It’s in our very natures to want to right the wrongs. Most of us either defend ourselves or give in to the natural flight-or-fight response. The “flighters” among us seek out shelter and hide from the pain, hoping justice will prevail through external circumstances such as a lightening strike straight to the offender. The “fighters” attack. The adrenaline kicks in, and lashing out is the easiest way to deal with the pain.

No matter how we handle being hurt, revenge is always an option. So here are some smart ways to get revenge.

1 Don’t Become Fool #2

One of the best smart ways to get revenge is to avoid stooping to the level of the person who intentionally hurt you. In response to angry or evil people, don’t become angry or evil yourself. Only fools fall for that kind of a reaction. Let the original fool keep that title for himself or herself. Your happiness is dependent on your response and attitude, not the behaviors of others. The best revenge you can impart on your adversary is to keep your joy in the midst of their efforts to take it away.

2 Catch Those Flies with Honey

Smile. Say a kind word. Give those who mistreat you a compliment or dare we say it...a gift! (No SMH!) Here’s a little secret: The better you treat those who have hurt you, the worse they will start to feel about their own actions. That, my friends, is the perfect revenge.

3 Remove Repeat Offenders from Your Life

Life is too short and too precious to waste time and effort on those who are repeatedly hurting you. Whether it’s betrayal, slander, physical mistreatment, or any kind of abusive behavior, there is a difference between forgiveness and stupidity. We can learn to love some of our biggest adversaries from afar! The ultimate revenge is to cut those people out of your life. After all, you are a gift – one that hurtful people should not continue to unwrap if they can’t recognize and respect your precious value.

Revenge is easy to plot. Our human nature commands us to seek and secure justice when a wrongdoing has occurred. However, revenge can turn into a vicious cycle, spreading hate rather than love, division instead of unity. If we were to commit ourselves to dishing out the "revenge”-style responses listed above, this world might just become a better place. What do you think?

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