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How to Accept a Compliment for Girls That Don't Know How ...

By Clarrie

There are so many girls who don't know how to accept a compliment. If you're one of them, it's time to make some changes today.

Compliments tend to be a part of everyday life, but if you aren’t used to hearing them or you are a particularly shy person, then it can be difficult to receive them in a natural and graceful manner. If you are the kind of person who feels super awkward if somebody says something nice to you or about you, then take a look at these handy tips that will help you learn just how to accept a compliment.

1 Return the Compliment

If you want to partially deflect the attention, then an easy way to do this is to either to return the compliment or quickly find something to say back to the compliment giver. That way, you are not the only person being highlighted in the conversation, and it becomes a much more equal and less spotlighting experience. But don’t be disingenuous. Simply complimenting someone back when you don’t mean it comes across as false. Quickly decide on something you can honestly compliment the other person on, or try a different way to respond. Learning how to give a compliment is just as important as learning how to accept a compliment.

2 Be Original

When we receive a compliment on something we’re wearing or carrying, so many of us dismiss it by trying to run down the item being praised. “I love your outfit” – "oh, I just threw it together this morning." “That bag is great” – “what this old thing?” Try saying something more original. “I love your outfit” – “I saw it on Instagram and just had to copy it”. “That bag is great” – “it was a terrific sale bargain, want to know where I got it?” – the second ones are much more warm, friendly and original, don't you think?

3 Use Humour

Using humour is a much more effective way to take a compliment than being rude. If somebody tells you that they love your hair, a simple “oh you should have seen it yesterday!” is far more acceptable than turning away and mumbling something as you move to try to get away from the situation.

4 Just Say Thank You

Not every compliment has to turn in to a discussion or explanation, sometimes all that is needed is a simple "thank you," by way of acknowledgment and then you can move on with your day. Saying a quick "thank you" to the compliment giver instead of turning away and being red and sheepish is a much better way to deal with things, and it prevents the person from thinking that you are rude rather than embarrassed.

5 Own It!

Let’s face it, if you didn’t like the way that your hair looked in that selfie, then you wouldn’t have posted it online in the first place! Don’t be scared of your friends and family simply reaffirming what deep down inside you already know. It’s not attention seeking, it’s just being happy and content with the way that you look, or taking pride in a cool thing that you have done.

6 Be Graceful

If you really hate compliments, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are trying so hard to shut the conversation down that you end up coming across and brash, interruptive and rude when all the person was trying to do was be nice. Even if every fibre of your being wants to yell shut up, just swallow your embarrassment and end things with a simple smile and a "thank you." It will end the interaction much quicker than if you become abrasive!

When you’re shy or have low self-esteem, accepting compliments doesn’t come easy. If you practise some of these tips it will become easier to accept that people are saying nice things about you.

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