8 Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist ...


It's almost that time of the year...time for road trips of course. So what's on your playlist this year? Maybe Isa's list can help. Thanks Isa for getting us in the mood for a summer road trip!

Every time summer is around the corner, I have a serious desire to go on a road trip. Somewhere, anywhere, near or far. I love the spontaneity and the freedom when you’re on the road. There’s music for every occasion and wherever you go, a travel playlist is always a must. It brings back memories of the road. Here are a few songs to add to your playlist next time you plan a road trip.

1. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gay & Tammi Terrell


You certainly remember this 1967 hit single from the movie 'Stepmom'. It’s a great tune to sing out loud in the car. Wherever we go, my friends and I always love to blast this song on the road.

Gold on the Ceiling – the Black Keys
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