10 Classic Rock Songs That Every Teen Should Know ...


10 Classic Rock Songs That Every Teen Should Know ...
10 Classic Rock Songs That Every Teen Should Know ...

Classic Rock songs are the foundation of Rock N’ Roll. From David Bowie to Guns N’ Roses, classic rock has twisted and turned into our new form of Rock music. And although this new music is great, sometimes it’s fun to turn back time and rock out to the classics. Especially if you’re a teen who wasn’t lucky enough to hear these great classic rock songs in their prime! Here is a list of my favorite classic rock songs!

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"Renegade" by Styx


This upbeat, empowering tune is one of my favorite classic rock songs, making the top of my list! There are few who haven’t heard this rocking song with its wide range of vocals and instrumentals. This classic is so popular that it is constantly played at sports events all over and is currently the defensive rally song of the Pittsburgh Steelers! This is a great song to work out to or to just rock out!


"Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits


This classic rock song, that was first released in 1979, takes on a whole new vibe. It is so relaxed and chill that it is hard not to love! Its "swinging" tune portrays its title to a tee and it provides over five minutes full of it. If you haven’t heard this classic, check it out and you’ll know exactly what I mean!


"I Love Rock N’ Roll" by Joan Jett


Who said that classic rock can’t be sung by a woman? Well if someone did, Joan Jett didn’t listen and I’m sure glad she didn’t! This song is truly for the Rock N’ Roll lovers. The song follows the plot of two teenagers who both really love rock and obviously love dancing with each other. It might sound a little wacky but it’s so fun to dance to and the vocals are phenomenal! Check it out!


"Just Push Play" by Aerosmith


Steven Tyler’s crazy voice makes this classic rock song perfect in every way! I listen to this song all of the time because it is so upbeat and different that I just can’t stay away! This whole song is a big ball of interesting and once you "just push play" you won’t be able to stop listening to it!


"Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen


This electric song has such a beat to it that it was actually used to help train medics performing CPR! Ranking in at 110 beats per minute, this song is so powerful and easy to head bang to, if that's your type of thing. Queen’s iconic rhythm does this song more than justice!


"Let It Be" by the Beatles


Although this is one of the more laid back classics, it has become one of the most beloved songs ever written. Redone by many, this song continues to inspire millions and simply bring joy to everyone that listens. The perk about classic rock is that there is very little auto tune and you are able to hear the purity in a voice, which is demonstrated perfectly by The Beatles members. These iconic singers’ voices helped make this song what it is today and show tons of teens what classic rock was all about!


"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin


There are not many who haven’t heard the legendary tune of this classic song. Its tune is said to be heavenly, just like the title. Laid back and flowing, it is easy to fall asleep to or sing along to after a long day. Next time you’re feeling stressed, get an ice cold glass of lemonade, put your feet up, and relax with Led Zeppelin as you make your way up the "stairway to heaven."


"Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley


As Elvis would’ve put it, "let’s rock," to this legendary classic! Featured in the same-named drama, "Jailhouse Rock," this song went crazy in its day and is still a big hit nowadays. It is a must if you’re looking to be a classic rock guru or if you’re just looking for a new style of music! Look it up and I swear you won’t regret it!


"Everyday" by Buddy Holly


This quirky song is definitely the opposite of mainstream. However it is perfect in its own special way. Buddy Holly’s soft and twangy voice gives a fun, little sound to a fun, little song! It is only about two minutes long but its cute tune and rhythm carries it along to a perfect note. You’ll end up listening to it everyday!


"Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles


The Beatles had such a large impact on classic rock that I had to include at least one more song of theirs. "Here Comes the Sun" is internationally known for bringing smiles and brightening feelings everywhere. Personally, I listen to this song every year on the last day of school just to remind myself that the sun has finally come out! Listen to this amazing song and it will brighten up any day!

Classic rock helped shape the culture of music everywhere and brought us to where we are today. Before there was today’s top hits, there were these amazing artists that helped expand music to new heights! And it is so important that we keep the classics with us always, especially teens! What are some of your favorite classic rock songs? Let me know!

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I'm surprised 'Another Bites the Dust' made it on the list but not 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Also I think Wish You Were Here should be on here. Or at least anything from Pink Floyd.

Also.. love is a battlefield! Classic

Stairway to heaven is my favourite song such a great song if you haven't listened to it listen to it now

Paradise by guns and roses :)

More than a feeling - Boston.

Omg you totally forgot Electric Light Orchestra, Boston, Eagles, Queen and Rush &#x 2764;&#x 2764;&#x 2764; I love Classic Rock

The Beatles are the best love them!!

Hotel California!

I love Joan Jett so much! I see her ever year at the Del Mar Faire, she is amazing still!

elvis presleys jailhouse rock !#1 grat song <3

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