16 Signs You've Found Your Best Friend Forever ...


16 Signs You've Found Your Best Friend Forever ...
16 Signs You've Found Your Best Friend Forever ...

One of the great joys of life is having friends. Sometimes, when we get into relationships, we forget just how much our friendships mean to us. If you need some signs you've found your best friend forever, there are some easy things to watch out for.

Friends are the building blocks of how we know what we like in another human being. They keep us happy, and they care for us in a special way. They are our chosen family.

However, unfortunately not all our friends will be with us for a lifetime. There are some people we are meant to cross paths with that were only meant to be with us for a short period of time. So you ask- what are the signs your best friend is for life?

The answer is yet another question- “How good of a friend are they to you?”

Here are the top 16 ways to know your friend is true and will be with you for a long time.

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When Something Good Happens, She's the First One You Call

Most times there’s only one person that immediately pops into your head when something good happens in your life. For some, that could be their significant other. However, if you’re single, you’re most likely going to call your best friend first. And even if you are in a relationship, who’s the first person you call after your SO? That person is most likely very important to you because you know she's ready to share in your big moment and that's one of the best signs you've found your best friend forever.


And when Something Bad Happens

Perhaps more than when something good happens, we really get to see who our best friend is in difficult situations. The first person you want to call when something bad happens is the person you think will give you the most comfort and the best advice.


She Sticks up for You in Front of Other People

If you’ve ever been mocked in front of other people and your best friend sticks up for you or tells them off for you, she's here to stay.


She's Honest with You

If you ask your best friend how a dress looks on you and she always give an honest answer because she wants to make sure you pick the perfect one, she's a keeper. It could be something as simple as that or telling you she doesn’t think your new boyfriend is a good fit, respectfully, of course.


She Respects You

You can always tell when someone respects you because it means they look up to you in a certain way. Mutual friends find things to admire about each other. For one it could be confidence and for another it could be kindness.


You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Knowing what the other person is about to say is a true sign of knowing each other very well. It means you’ve spent enough time together that you are on the same wavelength for the most part.


She's Loyal

She doesn’t pick up and leave when she sees that you’re having a hard time. She sticks it through because you matter to her.


She Puts You First

If she's busy doing something but you call her, most times she’ll drop everything to listen to you, even if she was in the middle of something important. She might even tell her boyfriend to wait while she talks to you.


She Initiates Conversations and Plans to Hang out as Much as You do

You don’t ever have to worry about losing touch with your best friend because you both pick up the phone the same amount of time. You also both miss each other when you don’t see each other for a certain period of time and almost simultaneously express your need to hang out.


You Trust Her with Your Secrets

A true test of friendship is trust. You know she's not going to embarrass you by saying anything out loud or to anyone else. What you said stays between you and the person you told.


You Can Count on Her

If she says she's going to meet you at the mall at 11:30 on Friday, she means it. She doesn’t bail on your plans. If she says she's gonna call you later and doesn’t forget, she's someone worth keeping around.


You Seek Her Advice

You truly believe that she has your best interest at heart. So when you ask her for advice, you believe she's doing the best she can to help you. You also respect her opinion, meaning you will listen to what she has to say and most likely take that advice and use it.


Hours Turn to Minutes when You Hang out

It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. If you feel invigorated after spending time with a person, it means she speaks to your heart, and she's going to be around for a long while.


You Tell Each Other to Be Safe when Traveling

You care about each other enough that it’s important to tell each other to be safe when traveling, especially on a plane. And you tell each other to text the second you land.


Listens to You Talk about Things She's Not Interested in

If you’re a big sports fan but your friend isn’t, but she still manages to hear you rant about that horrible call from last night’s game, she's a good friend…a REALLY good friend. Not everyone can take listening to things they don’t understand for too long, but if she puts up with it, she's a good person.


Knows Your Next Move

Your best friend knows where you want to be in a few years because you’ve talked about long range plans with her…and she's in it. Maybe you’ve talked about dorming together or going over to each other’s apartments or traveling somewhere. Knowing that you’re in each other’s future is a sure way to know the friendship will last a lifetime.

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