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This post isn't about signs of moodiness for you to recognize in other people, but rather signs of moodiness for you to recognize in yourself. We can all tell when someone's having a moody day or having a bad case of PMS, but have you ever taken a step back to analyze yourself and your own actions? The way we come off to others is something to be cognizant of, especially if we aren't aware of how abrasive we're truly acting. Check out this list of signs of moodiness and give yourself a once-over:

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You Pick Fights

One of the surefire signs of moodiness is starting little fights with others. If you use your significant other, family, friends, or co-workers as your punching bags when you're feeling down, find another way to release your anger, like taking a walk or journaling your thoughts.


You Close Others out

Taking a little time to yourself to cool off or gather your thoughts is completely understandable and definitely a healthy thing to do. But if you're constantly not allowing others "in" to help you or talk to you, you may permanently close doors. Even if you don't like opening up to others, allow people to help and talk to you from time to time—you might even find over time that talking is more therapeutic than you thought.


You Change at the Drop of a Dime

Have you ever been out with friends or family and something sets you off so your mood just completely shifts? As much as this may be annoying for you, it's extremely frustrating for those around you. Don't make people feel as though they need to walk on eggshells around you, and instead work at letting little things roll off your back.


You Make Snarky Comments

People who are moody often snap back with nasty comments or snarky remarks. Even if you're in a bad mood and someone's said something to set you off, take a few seconds to breathe before responding. Sometimes just that small break in-between can really help you to settle down and re-think a knee-jerk reaction.


You Bring Others down

They say misery loves company, but this can really drive people away from you. No one enjoys being upset, so don't feel the need to bring other people down to your level. It won't make things better to have other people be annoyed with you, and will actually sustain your bad mood instead of helping to curb it.


You Try Not to Have Fun

Have you ever been in a mood where you purposely try not to laugh or have fun with other people because you want them to know you're upset? People around you may think you're a party pooper, for lack of a better term. Who wants to invite party poopers out? If you're not in the mood to go out, either stay home and take care of yourself to help you calm down, or go out and allow yourself to have a good time.


You Project onto Others

One of the worst things to do if you're moody is to make fun of other people or to point out negative things in others. Shining a light on what you perceive to be someone else's shortcomings as a reflection of your own insecurities or anger is a really nasty thing to do, and is definitely a sign of poor character.

Let's be clear—there's a big difference between being "moody" or having an attitude and actually having a serious disorder. Disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder shouldn't be taken lightly, and if your moods are persistent and debilitating instead of just a personality trait, it's important to seek professional help. Everyone deserves happiness, so always be sure to take care of yourself and your needs first. Do you have any tips that help you when you're in a bad mood?

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Ugh! I do some of those things on occasion..... Mostly I don't let myself have any fun.

I suffer from multiple personality disorder so extreme moodiness is very very common for me

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