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7 Signs You Are a People Pleaser and Don't Know It ...

By Corina

Even though people-pleasing has its advantages, it has its cons too, so here are a few signs you are a people pleaser and don’t know it. Some might say that there’s a people pleaser in all of us but how important is to you to please the ones around you? What would you be willing to give up to make others happy? A people pleaser is not a bad person; it’s just someone who gives a lot of importance to pleasing others and their intention is to be liked and appreciated by the people around them. Still, you should set some clear boundaries in order to protect yourself, because there are a lot of people who might just use you and who might take advantage of you. Here are a few signs you are a people pleaser that you should consider:

1 You Lie about Your Opinions

One of the clearest signs you are a people pleaser is the fact that you often lie about your opinions. Most of the time, you avoid saying what you think because you fear upsetting the people around you. Also, you don’t have your own identity and you often say that you like a certain thing just to fit in with the group.

2 You Never Say No

You really have trouble saying no. You always help others even if you don’t want to or even if you can’t, just because you don’t want to upset them. You often neglect your own needs and you’re afraid that by saying no to someone or by refusing to help them, you will lose their friendship and they’ll resent you.

3 You Take the People You Love for Granted

You pay a lot of attention to your friends or colleagues and you tend to take the people you love (and who really love you) for granted. You know that they’ll be there for you no matter what, so you don’t pay them too much attention. You want to please your friends and that’s all you can think about.

4 You Care about Other People’s Opinion

You always care about other people’s opinion and this even influences your decision making. You often neglect your own needs and you make decisions based on what others think. You always ask people their opinion on certain matters and you give more thought to what your friends say than what you believe is right.

5 You like Attention

You want to be noticed and you like attention. Sometimes you crave compliments and you get really upset if no one notices your new haircut or your new dress. You care too much about being liked by everyone and you often fear losing your friends.

6 You Give Too Much Too Soon

You always give too much too soon. You want others to like you, so you sometimes try too hard to please the ones around you. That’s why you are often taken for granted. Be careful though, because some people may just be using you and they’ll only take advantage of your niceness.

7 You Are Constantly Apologizing

You are constantly apologizing even when you do nothing wrong. You have a fear of letting down people and you always blame yourself when things don’t go according to plan. You often avoid giving yourself credit for anything and you even believe that you are less than others. You rarely ask for or accept help and you’re nice and helpful to everyone you meet, including to the people you don’t like so much.

Instead of being a people pleaser, try to allow yourself to be happy and do the things you love sometimes, because this way, others will follow you too. Do you know any other signs of being a people pleaser? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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