See if You Can Complete These 17 Photography Challenges ...


See if You Can Complete These 17 Photography Challenges ...
See if You Can Complete These 17 Photography Challenges ...

You don't need fancy camera equipment to take amazing pictures. We all have phones that are capable of taking beautiful photographs. That's why you should see if you can complete these photography challenges this week:

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A Makeup Free Selfie

hair, clothing, photography, beauty, lady, You should embrace your natural look! That means you should take a selfie when you wake up in the morning, before you have the chance to put on your makeup and do your hair.


A Photo of Food Porn

food, produce, plant, fruit, dish, You know you want to do this! Sure, it's cliche, but that shouldn't stop you.


A Photo with Your Parents

human action, person, human positions, romance, sitting, When was the last time you took a photograph with your parents? Snap another one to add to the collection.


A Photo of the Sky

sky, reflection, river, cityscape, water, Take a beautiful picture of the sunset or sunrise. If the weather isn't the nicest, you could even take a snapshot of clouds or a thunderstorm.


A Photo of Flowers

flower arranging, flower, flower bouquet, floristry, plant, Mother nature is capable of some pretty brutal things, but she's also created some pretty beautiful things. Admire her handiwork by taking a picture of a cluster of flowers.


A Photo of a Building

metropolitan area, metropolis, skyscraper, aerial photography, city, Go on a scavenger hunt for the most beautiful building in your neighborhood. It shouldn't take you long to find it.


A Photo of Food You Baked Yourself

dish, food, meal, cuisine, fish, Show off your skills. Bake something that looks delicious and then preserve it with a snapshot.


A Kissing Photo

hair, human action, person, nose, man, If you have a boyfriend, take a picture of yourselves kissing. Otherwise, you can take a picture of your friend and her boyfriend--with her permission, of course.


A Black and White Photo

hair, face, white, black and white, black, Pictures look more artistic when they're in black and white. That's why you should take a few shots that way.


A Photo of Your Outfit

clothing, sleeve, fashion accessory, outerwear, brand, The next time you wear an outfit you're proud of, take a picture of it. You don't need to get your face in the shot. You don't even have to wear the outfit. You can just lay it out on your bed.


A Cute Animal Photo

mammal, pink, dog, puppy, dog crossbreeds, If you have a pet, try to take a professional looking photograph of them. If you're not the proud owner of a pet, go outside and get a snapshot of a bird or squirrel.


An after Sex Selfie

human action, person, male, man, mouth, If you have a boyfriend, you should take a picture after you finish having sex. You don't have to show it to anyone. It's for your eyes only.


A Photo of a Funny Sign

sign, signage, Wifi, Talk, eath, Look around your neighborhood. Try to find the funniest sign that you can.


A Photo Recreated from Childhood

A Photo Recreated from Childhood Find your favorite photograph from when you were a kid, and then try to recreate it! It'll be the perfect gift for a family member.


A Photo of a Silhouette

drink, champagne, wine bottle, bottle, wine, If you're a pro with your camera, you can take a picture of a silhouette. It'll probably be your best photo of all!


A Photo of Books

Gryffindor, art, brand, advertising, comics, Grab a few of your favorite books and pile them up on top of each other. Then take a photograph of them all.


A Sultry Photo

clothing, red, sleeve, muscle, leg, Try taking a sexy photo of yourself. That doesn't mean you should take your clothes off. It just means you should strike a sultry pose for the camera!

Have fun snapping photos that you'll be able to keep forever! How many of these photography challenges do you think you'll be able to complete?

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