Important Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Male Best Friend ...


Important Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Male Best Friend ...
Important Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Male Best Friend ...

I am a firm believer in friendships with the opposite sex, which is why I believe every woman should have a male best friend. While friends of the same gender understand you better and know where you are coming from, opposite gender friends can provide you with a fresh perspective and just give you a new outlook on life. So here is why you need a male best friend.

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They Can Easily Fill in the Role of the Guy

Need a date for prom or a plus one for a wedding? Not to worry, because although you might not have a romantic interest in your life, your male best friend will always be there for you to fill in that spot, just as you can do the same for him. Once you become close friends with a guy, nothing really feels uncomfortable so you will have no problem taking him as your plus one to social events.


They Are Not Catty

It’s a fact that female relationships are just a little more emotional and dramatic because women are just naturally more in touch with their feelings. While sometimes that can only be beneficial to the state of the friendship, other times it can tear it apart. However, with guys, there is usually no drama or arguments. Everything is completely laid back and sometimes that’s all you want or need in life.


Male’s Perspective

It’s completely impossible to even guess what goes on in the heads of males, which is why having a male best friend is only an advantage. It is as if you get a private insight into the mind of men and how their thought process functions. They can reveal typical male behaviors and in turn help you ameliorate other male relationships in your life.



Loyal friends of the opposite gender are the most successful matchmakers! They know the right things to say and the proper things to advise, so the chance of you messing up in pursuing a potential romantic partner is close to none. Plus, if your male best friend says that your guy is decent looking and is a good person, you know he is telling the truth.


Handy Man

While your girl friends can always help you with a shopping or makeup dilemma, guy friends can also get you out of other distressing situations. For example, they can hang up a shelf, change a tire or help you move some boxes. It’s nice to have male assistance even when you are completely single.


Honest Advice

Guy best friends are usually very good at giving advice in particular situations. They are less likely to compliment you just for the sake of saying it and more likely to give an honest and direct opinion on any subject. Plus, it’s nice to see a change in perspective between genders since, while we are all the same, there are still certain gender differences in opinions.



Over time, guy friends slowly become your personal bodyguards and take the place of your protective brothers. While they might not care about your trivial problems, they always make sure to check up on you or show up at your doorstep when things get difficult. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about them seeing you at your worst.

Having an equal representation of both sexes in your inner circle proves to be beneficial. You essentially get the best of both worlds! While you can hit the mall with your girl friends, you can still enjoy a sports game with guy friends and simultaneously feed both of your interests. So what are some other reasons to have a male best friend?

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I've got a husband and a guy best friend, he has a wife and child, we are family, we even call each other our twin because we are so alike and my husband and I are god parents to his daughter. The key to everything is honesty and being blunt with one another. He wasn't interested in me not I him and we told our significant others this too, and once people see us together they totally get the twin thing. Even his parents say I was separated at birth from him. So it's all relative to who you are as a person

I have a guy best friend, who's also one of my only friends. I Don't really have a reason to why everyone must have a guy friend, but they are great to have. Mine hasn't left my side since we met years ago and I haven't left his. I've been around longer than his girlfriend and he's been through 2 or three relationships with me.

Sounds like more of a boyfriend description than friend :/

I love having male best friends, but when your in a relationship your partner may not like the fact that you have male friends!

I have a boy best friend. he makes me laugh when I go through something or have a rough time. and I am always his matchmaker and he is always mine.

I agree's just not practical if you are in a serious relationship..lots of uncalled for stress😐

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