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7 Reasons Why You Need a Good Friend at Work ...

By Alicia

There are many reasons why you need a good friend at work; if you think you don’t, think again. You can never have too many friends, no matter if it is at the gym, at school or at work. It is very beneficial to have a buddy at your workplace. There are reasons why you need a good friend in every aspect of your life, including your workplace. Let’s talk about why that is so.

1 You Spend a Lot of Time at Work

One of the reasons why you need a good friend at work is because you spend a lot of your time there. If it is a full time job, you are more than likely spending more of your waking hours at work than you are at home. If you are going to be there that many hours, it only makes sense that you would want to have a friend there. Even if you only work part-time, you still want to have a friend while you are there. It has a lot of different advantages, including making the time go by faster.

2 Someone Always Has Your Back

Having a friend at work means that someone always has your back. If you get in a pinch, you have a friend to help you get caught up. A friend will do what they can to make things easier on you. Having a friend at work means that you get to know you have someone in your corner. They also may be willing to do things like trade shifts with you or do you a favor when you need it.

3 It Makes Work Fun

While a lot of us do enjoy our jobs, they are still jobs. Going to work often isn’t our favorite activity to do, but when you have a friend at work, it makes your work a lot more fun. You can laugh and joke and enjoy your time at work a lot more when you have a friend there. It takes a lot of the work out of working. And like I mentioned above, time flies when you are having fun.

4 Find out What You Miss when You Miss

It is always nice to have someone that you can go to when you miss something at work to find out what happened. Instead of having to ask your boss what you missed at the meeting, you can ask a work friend. This is a lot less awkward. A friend will be more than happy to fill you in on what you need to know. Not only can they fill you in on the latest work information you need, but they can also give you the inside scoop.

5 You Have Help in a Difficult Work Situation

If you get in a situation where your integrity is being questioned, a friend can speak up for you. They can speak for your good character because they know you, they know what your values are and what you stand for. Additionally, if you are having trouble with someone at work, sometimes a friend can be a good go-between to help you to work out whatever issues may be between you. They can also coach you and advise you through difficult work situations. I know I always appreciate having someone that understands exactly what I am dealing with at work.

6 Everybody Needs Friends

Everybody needs friends in their life. Why not have them at work? If you get lucky enough to find someone that you can click with, then you need to go for it. Additionally, it can be hard to make some friendships work outside of your job because of time constraints on your schedule with your job. If you make a friend at work, then that is a non-issue because you do have a friend.

7 You Have a Buddy for Events

I love this point. If you have a friend at work, then you always have a buddy for work related events. There will not be any wondering about whom you are going to hang out with because you already know. If there is travel involved, you can room with your friend. Even when it is something such as having someone to eat lunch with at work, you have already got that one locked in.

There are many advantages to having friends at work. Which of these advantages seems most important to you? What do you love about having a friend at work?

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