7 Compliments That Women Find Insulting ...


7 Compliments That Women Find Insulting ...
7 Compliments That Women Find Insulting ...

Even though a compliment is the perfect ice breaker and most people are delighted to receive them, there are still a few compliments that women find insulting, even though they weren’t meant that way. Sometimes a compliment can be backhanded, since we can all be extremely sensitive to criticism, and that’s why we tend to misinterpret things. Not all compliments are created equally and there are some that you should avoid at all costs. Sometimes, if you speak without thinking carefully, a misplaced compliment can be a potential minefield. Here are a few compliments that women find insulting that you should try to avoid at all costs:

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“for a Girl”

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most popular compliments that women find insulting. Don’t ever end your sentences with these simple words: “for a girl.” Here I’m talking about: “You’re so funny/ so clever/ so open minded/ so interesting for a girl!” There’s nothing that can be more offensive.


This seemingly harmless phrase subtly perpetuates the stereotype that women are inherently less capable than men in certain areas, like humor or intelligence. It suggests a lower standard for women and implies surprise that a woman could be exceptional. Gender qualifications are unnecessary and demeaning – talents and qualities should be recognized without reference to someone's gender. Compliments should never be backhanded; they ought to celebrate achievements or characteristics without patronizing limits set by stereotypes.


“You Look Fine”

If you’re trying to compliment a woman, don’t ever say, “You look fine!” Try using other, more specific words, like “beautiful,” “gorgeous” or something similar, because by saying that she’s only fine, she won’t know or feel how special you think she really is. You can even pick out a detail like her lipstick or the color of her dress and compliment her on that.


“You’d Be Prettier if You Smiled More”

This compliment, even if it is well-intended and it is meant to cheer her up, can often backfire. I know you didn’t mean to say that she’s not beautiful when she’s not smiling, but that’s what she might understand. We can’t all be happy all the time, and sometimes it can be pretty hard to smile.


“You Look so Unique”

Some people may appreciate this compliment because this is what they intended to do. Others, who are a bit more insecure, might start asking themselves some questions, because they won’t understand what you meant by that. Instead, you could just pick a detail or something you like about that person and compliment them on that. Simple, but extremely efficient at the same time!


“You Clean up Nicely”

This is another thing you should never say to a woman or to another person for that matter. You’re only suggesting that they usually look bad, so try to avoid saying this at all costs. Even though you meant to say that on that particular occasion she looked stunning, find other words or simply tell her that she is gorgeous or that she takes your breath away.


“I like a Girl with Meat on Her Bones”

Even if this was intended to be a compliment and you were just trying to say that you love her curves, try to find other words to express yourself. Try not to mention her weight when you’re making her a compliment, because even if your intentions are sincere, you might make her feel insecure.


“You’re so Bubbly”

Even if some women may enjoy being called this, others might not be so pleased with this statement, especially those who feel that the word “bubbly” means chubby, loud and irritating. You could simply tell a woman that she’s fun to be around and that you enjoy her company a lot.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to compliment a woman, it’s best to choose your words wisely, so they won’t misinterpret your gesture. Do you find any of these compliments to be insulting? Do you know any other compliments that women in general find insulting? Do tell!

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how about "for a black girl" I get that crap all the time. ie you're cute "for a black girl", or you speak well "for a black girl". so ignorant and disrespectful.

oh god. I totally agree :P

I used to tell my ex-husband "fine is not an adjective!!"

How do you get chubby from the word bubbly

Since when does bubbly translate into "chubby, irritating and loud?" People tell me I'm bubbly all the time and I don't mind at all. It's a compliment and in no way even slightly an insult.

Totally agree with "the fine" something my mum used to say when I was a kid so if my boyfriend said it that'd make me sooo mad

I hate when people say you look healthy. Why did I look sickly before?

The "you look fine" comment is always so heartbreaking... :(

I agree with "you look tired." Some days there is no time for make up and those are always the days people make that comment. in other words, I look like crap, right?

telling women to smile is super sexist

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