7 Reasons Why Social Media is Ruining Our Lives ...


Have you ever thought about how social media is ruining our lives? Big statement, I know. I know all the good things about it already, and I know we probably couldn't live without it nowadays. But isn't that kind of sad? I'm someone who uses social media to stay in the loop, not because I really enjoy it. It's taking over everything! That being said, I'm sure I won't be alone in thinking how social media is ruining our lives – and these are just some of the reasons!

1. In the Moment

So, how social media is ruining our lives – well, do you remember the last time you were out and didn’t glance at your phone during that time? In fact, how often are we actually 'in the moment' anymore? With so many people having smartphones and tablets now, we have a near constant connection to our Facebooks and Twitters, wherever we are. But why are you spending your time updating your status and tweeting? Enjoy where you are! Who cares what's going on online? Why not check it later when you get home?

Obsessive Checking
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