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49 Reasons Why Green is Gorgeous ...

By Neecey

I think there are so many reasons why green is gorgeous. It is, of course, one of the most common colors on Earth because it is the color of nature - it is definitely Mother Nature's favorite color. Let's enjoy some of the reasons why green is gorgeous.

Table of contents:

  1. Green dress
  2. Green necklace
  3. Buttons
  4. Green windows
  5. Green frog
  6. Green converse
  7. Green shoes
  8. Green iphone case
  9. Green bag
  10. Emerald green
  11. Green
  12. Green glass
  13. Green juice popsicles
  14. Lily pads
  15. Green eye shadow
  16. Green kitchen
  17. Lupita nyong'o in green
  18. Deep emerald green peacock feathers
  19. Green hat
  20. Green umbrella
  21. Lucky shamrock
  22. Emerald and diamond earrings
  23. Green nails
  24. Green food
  25. Green lingerie
  26. Green bike
  27. Green faux fur
  28. Green vespa
  29. Green beetle
  30. Green watch
  31. Green socks
  32. Green doors
  33. Green forest
  34. Tunnel of love
  35. Green gummy bears
  36. Green apples
  37. England
  38. Green rose
  39. Green cocktail
  40. Green bangles
  41. Green socks
  42. Green candy
  43. Green rings
  44. Green sweater
  45. Green bag
  46. Glittering green lipstick
  47. Cape dwarf chameleon
  48. The emerald isle
  49. Green quote

1 Green Dress

Via Louche Noviaz Green Dress

One of the reasons why green is gorgeous is that it makes a fabulous fashion statement.

2 Green Necklace

Via Emerald green steampunk heart with ...

All manner of green things are gorgeous.

3 Buttons

Via Massive Green

Where would green fashions be without green buttons?

4 Green Windows

Via Environment

Another of the best reasons why green is gorgeous is because it brings the outside in.

5 Green Frog

Via Favorite Artwork

Because we all hope to kiss a frog and find a prince.

6 Green Converse

Via Green Chucks

What color is your favorite for Converse?

7 Green Shoes

Via Marissa Webb Spring 2015

Green fashion for feet.

8 Green IPhone Case

Via New Green Bling Pearl Cute ...

Your iPhone would love to be seen in green.

9 Green Bag

Via 50 Spring Accessories

Your friends will be green with envy for your gorgeous bag.

10 Emerald Green

Via Habitually Chic®: More Malachite and ...

Emerald green was Pantone color of the year in 2013.

11 Green

Via Green..

Mother Nature outdid herself with this shade of green.

12 Green Glass

Via Indigo Crossing

Did this make you think of that song, "10 green bottles hanging on the wall"?

13 Green Juice Popsicles

Via Green Juice Popsicles Recipe | ...

Green food = health (except when it's moldy!).

14 Lily Pads

Via ✿✿ Green Garden ✿✿

Where would frogs be without them?

15 Green Eye Shadow

Via St. Patrick's Day by Heidi ...

Green = drama = beauty.

16 Green Kitchen

Via Microsoft OneDrive - Access files ...

Vintage green is so cool.

17 Lupita Nyong'o in Green

Via #theLIST: BAFTA Awards: The 10 ...

Hollywood A-listers know reasons why green is gorgeous too.

18 Deep Emerald Green Peacock Feathers

Via Green Gemstone Jewelry | Gemvara

Green is the color of hope, new life and health.

19 Green Hat


What would life be without excuses to wear an extravagant green hat?

20 Green Umbrella

Via FFFFOUND! | 新村デザイン事務所/Shinmura Design Office

It's like sheltering under a tree, only the tree moves with you.

21 Lucky Shamrock

Via Irish Symbols and Their Meanings

We could all use a little luck.

22 Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Via Christie’s Geneva: Magnificent Jewels and ...

Green bling for your ears.

23 Green Nails

Via Best Neon Nail Polishes - ...

Look and you'll find green shades for spring, summer, fall and winter.

24 Green Food

Via Good design makes me happy: ...

Make sure to eat plenty of greens.

25 Green Lingerie

Via 33 Pretty Lingerie Sets

Feel like a million bucks.

26 Green Bike

Via Green

A green bike is green in many ways.

27 Green Faux Fur

Via The Latest Street Style Photos ...

Green is a gorgeous color to wrap yourself in for winter.

28 Green Vespa

Via My Style - Realistic Clothes ...

Wouldn't you feel fab zipping around the streets on an emerald green Vespa?

29 Green Beetle

Via favorite finds Archives - SewCaroline

Or maybe you prefer green in four wheels?

30 Green Watch


Green is gorgeous and functional.

31 Green Socks

Via Marching On pattern by Glenna ...

Give your feet some green loving.

32 Green Doors

Via Architecture and Details

This reminds me of the apartment I lived in in Naples, Italy.

33 Green Forest

Via Forest, Fog, Green | Free ...

The wonder of the forest.

34 Tunnel of Love

Via Beautiful

Want to take a seat with your hunny?

35 Green Gummy Bears

Via Pink champagne on ice

Which color is your favorite?

36 Green Apples

Via Everything GREEN

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

37 England

Via Green is my gold

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?
(Jerusalem, William Blake)

38 Green Rose

Via VII CODE | VII O2M ...

A green rose symbolizes the constant renewal of life.

39 Green Cocktail

Via Shamrock Cocktail

Green cocktails are definitely among the most gorgeous
green things.

40 Green Bangles

Via Beauty Tips - Best Beauty ...

Green arm candy.

41 Green Socks


Legs need stripes.

42 Green Candy

Via Green Candy Buffet

The only green food that isn't good for you, but hey, we all deserve a green treat.

43 Green Rings

Via Reserved for Athena - Classic ...

An emerald solitaire sparkles in a white gold setting.

44 Green Sweater

Via Army Green Long Sleeve Diamond ...

Coziness is a warm green sweater.

45 Green Bag

Via Large Kelly Green Leather Backpack

Cut a dash on campus or at the office with a stylish bag.

46 Glittering Green Lipstick

Via Rising images on imgfave

Would you dare to wear this?

47 Cape Dwarf Chameleon

Via Home

Chameleons may be able to change color but most are naturally green.

48 The Emerald Isle

It is said there are 42 shades of green in Ireland.

49 Green Quote

Via JAFRA International

Pedro Calderon de la Barca was obviously a big fan of Mother Nature.

I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of reasons why green is gorgeous. What's your favorite reason to love green?

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