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If you are an avid TV watcher, you may not realize that there are several reasons to get the TV out of your bedroom. Until recently I hadn't thought about it, but a few weeks ago, my husband told me that he didn't like having aTV in our bedroom. At first, I couldn't understand why he felt that way. What could be better than watching TV in bed? After giving it some thought, I know see that there are several reasons to get the TV out of your bedroom. I wanted to share them with you.

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More Sleep

One of the biggest reasons to get the TV out of your bedroom is so you will sleep more. I don’t know about you, but there have been many nights when I have found myself up late watching a movie in bed when I should have been sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can have an negative impact on all areas of your life. Lack of sleep can age your skin, make you cranky and leave you feeling exhausted.


Better Sleep

Now this one many not be true for everyone. I love sleeping with the television on. In fact, I find it very relaxing. However, some people including my husband do not. They feel that having the TV on while they are sleeping causes them to wake up multiple times throughout the night. It may even prevent you from going back to sleep.


Temptation to Eat Unhealthy

Have you ever found yourself getting out of the bed to have a snack? This usually happens to me after I watch a food commercial. Most of the time when this happens I'm not hungry. Plus, the foods that I choose are normally unhealthy.


More Talking and Less Silence

If you've had a busy day, finding time to spend with your partner can seem impossible. Removing the television from your bedroom will give you more quite time to spend together. It can also be a great time to discuss important topics without having the television to distract you.


Spice up Your Love Life

Having a television in your bedroom can putter a damper on your love life. When the TV is on it's easy to focus on the show or movie that you're watching instead of focusing on one another. If you're not quite ready to take the TV out of your bedroom, try unplugging it for a few days and see if your love life improves.


Time for Other Hobbies

Most people have several hobbies that they enjoy doing. Taking the TV out of your room will allow you to devote more time to these hobbies. If you enjoy reading, you can spend some time with a great book. Perhaps you could even find a book that you could read with your partner. You could also spend time sewing or listening to music.


Saves Money

If you watch TV in bed it’s easy to leave it on all night. To be honest I rarely turn the television off before I go to sleep. However, leaving just one TV on at night will cost you about $6 per month. I know that doesn't sound like much money, but over a ten year period you can expect to spend over $700 just to have the TV on while you sleep.

As you can see removing the TV from your bedroom can be a good thing. What do you think about having a television in your room? I’m very interested in what you think about this topic.

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