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7 Reasons Why Politics Isn't Boring ...

By Alison

What are the reasons why politics isn't boring? People often switch off when someone mentions politics; they think that it's a dull topic or that there's no point taking an interest in it. But politics is something that affects us all, and we should take an interest in it. Here are some reasons why politics isn't boring …

1 Relevant

One of the reasons why politics isn't boring is that it's extremely relevant to our daily lives and our futures. Politicians take decisions that shape our lives, so we should keep informed of what is going on in politics. If we are aware of political decisions and plans, we can use our vote to try to influence the outcome.

2 You Can Influence Things

Often we feel that we have no real say in the political process, and that decisions are made regardless of what we want. But voting, lobbying and communicating with our representatives can make a difference. The problem is that too many people take this apathetic view and so remain apart from the political process - and of course things won't change if we don't attempt to change them.

3 Changes

It might seem as though nothing changes in politics, but we've actually seen some very positive developments in recent years. Same-sex couples have gained the right to marry in a growing number of states or countries, for example. Laws like these come into being because of campaigning and political support, so when we see things like this happen it shows how politics can be positive and interesting.

4 It's Everywhere

Politics affects every part of our lives. How often our garbage is collected, housing, school and health funding, law and order, warfare, equal rights - both mundane and major decisions are made by politicians. Politics are everywhere, and no part of our lives remains untouched by the subject.

5 Commitment

We often complain that politicians are only interested in looking out for themselves, but there are some who genuinely want to help their community or country. These people need support and help to continue their good work. Look a little deeply and you will find someone who is doing good political work - and that is worth your interest.

6 Being Informed

Keeping up-to-date about politics lets us know what is going on. And there are a lot of things happening! Whether it's on a local or national level, or events of international importance, we should know as much as possible about what is going on. Take an interest in politics and keep yourself informed.

7 Scandals

Finally, you can always rely on politics to offer up regular scandals. Whether it's financial kickbacks or extramarital affairs, politicians are often in the news for less than honest behavior. And this makes them interesting - it shows that they are human and makes them stand out. Perhaps for the wrong reasons, but it creates some interesting stories for the newspapers.

If you're feeling disillusioned about politics or find it uninteresting, then perhaps it's time you got involved and tried to bring about changes yourself. If everyone stays apathetic then nothing will change. But there are a lot of ways to get involved in politics, and it could be fascinating being on the inside. Are there any politicians you think are making a difference?

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