7 Reasons to Take More Selfies ...


The pejorative term for taking a solo photograph of oneself and posting it on any social media network is usually known as "taking a selfie," and is subsequently frowned upon by most; however there are plenty of reasons to take more selfies. I’m here to advocate for the other side, because believe it or not, there are tons of reasons why you should take more selfies!

1. Showcase Your Good Side

When you are taking a candid photograph with a group of people you don’t have control of how it will come out. And a lot of times this is really unfortunate considering you also don’t have control of which people see it. When you take a selfie in your house, you can coordinate the exact lighting, locations, and outfit... and most importantly you can take it from your most flattering angle! This allows for the social media world and subsequently the world itself, to see you at your best. If you’re a college student like me constantly involved in social media, the last thing you want is people to see you from an unflattering perspective, and taking more selfies can help you do that! So despite popular belief, there are many reasons to take more selfies!

Throw out Those Insecurities
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