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8 Reasons to Take Classes Online ...

By Jennifer

Have you ever thought about all the reasons to take online classes? There are so many reasons to go back to school and finish your degree — better job prospects, a well-rounded intellect, potential hottie-meeting opportunities — but what if you’re a busy girl with a job and a social life? No worries. You can take classes online, rather than on campus. Still not convinced? Here are 8 reasons to take classes online. Let’s see which of these inspires you!

1 Cheaper Tuition

At my local community college, the online versions of their classes are a little less expensive, which does make sense — while they’re still paying a professor to teach the class, they’re not paying for a classroom or for pricey lab equipment. The difference in tuition is only slight, but if you’re taking more than one online class, it’ll add up to some big savings! Saving money while getting a great education is definitely one of the most persuasive reasons to take online classes.

2 Save Money on Gas

Taking online classes will also save you money on gas, as well as tuition. Think about it: not driving to campus and back can save you a lot of gas money, especially if your campus is far away. This is always a big motivator to me; saving money on tuition and gas is one of my favorite reasons to take classes online!

3 More Flexible Schedule

Most colleges and universities don’t offer classes at two in the morning on Wednesdays, but guess what? If you’re taking classes online, you can do your studying and class work whenever you want, including that two a.m. Wednesday time slot. You decide when you study, which really helps.

4 Don’t Dress

Not that most college girls dress up anyway — can you call a hoodie with yoga pants stuffed into UGG boots “dressed up”? Still, another reason to take classes online is that you can, quite literally, stay in your jammies while you’re in class. Or, if you want, you can actually wear nice jeans and boots, and a cute oversized sweater, and keep it classy in class.

5 Don’t Worry about Child Care

If you’re a mommy, here's another reason to take classes online, rather than on-campus classes. You won’t have to worry about (or pay for) child care while you’re at class. Your little bean can sit on your lap while you listen to lecture, or play in the bouncy seat while you do your homework.

6 Work at Your Own Pace

I tend to want to get all of my work done as soon as I know about it, so I love online classes — I can see the schedule, then get all my assignments done, and lectures listened to, all in one night. On the other hand, if you’re a procrastinator, you can actually save up all your work and cram to get it done before deadline, just because. I sure don’t recommend the “procrastinate and cram” method, but if it works for you, who am I to say anything?

7 Take Classes Anywhere…

Another reason to take classes online is because you can take them anywhere you have an internet connection. I’ve taken my classes from my college in Michigan while I was on vacation across the country. It’s so convenient!

8 … from Any University

Last, but certainly not least, another great reason to take classes online is the fact that you can take classes from just about any institution no matter where you live. While some colleges and universities require that you meet certain enrollment criteria before you can take their online classes, most don’t, leaving them open to all undergrads. Cool!

There are so many very good reasons to take classes online, rather than schlepping yourself to campus! Being frugal, of course, I love the money-saving angles, but which of these reasons do you think is most compelling? Or is there another reason to take classes online I didn’t include? Do tell!

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