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7 Reasons to Start a Blog ...

By Kelly

While each blogger has their own individual reasons to start a blog, there are some reasons that are universal. No matter what your blog is about, it is a great way to express yourself to the online community. You have tons of great ideas, so start a blog and share yourself after checking out these excellent reasons to start a blog.

1 Share Your Opinion

One of the best reasons to start a blog is to share your opinion with the world. Whether it is fashion, lifestyle, music, or even politics, you have an opinion to be shared. Having a blog is a great means for you to express your opinion to the world. And it helps you foster conversations with people who share that same opinion.

2 Share Your Wisdom

Starting your own blog means sharing your wisdom with the world. You know that saying, “everyone is good at something.” Well a blog is a great way to share that something you are good at. Like me. I personally think I have a very positive outlook on life. So I use my time blogging for All Women Stalk as a way to share my outlook on life with tons of readers. If you have great taste in movies, talk about your favorite films. If you have great fashion sense, write about your favorite designers. Whatever you are good at, use a blog to share your wisdom and inform others on whatever you are passionate about.

3 Meet New People

Blogging is a great way to foster conversations with people. Here at All Women Stalk, we have great readers who always have something to say about our articles. It is so much fun to talk to new people and hear their opinions and words of wisdom. Sometimes the relationships can be online and sometimes they make their way to face-to-face interactions. Regardless, you are sure to meet tons of new people when you start a blog.

4 Tight Knit Community

The blogging community is made up of such a tight knit group of individuals who want everyone to succeed. That is what I love so much about blogging. Everyone has tips for others bloggers and there is not much competition. It is a very friendly environment that welcomes new bloggers all the time.

5 Therapeutic

If you had a bad day, blogging is a great way to vent about it. I am not talking about going on rants (nobody likes that). But talking about your day and giving others advice on how to deal with similar situations can be pretty therapeutic. It gives you a way to express all of your inner thoughts and emotions. Blogging is kind of like a diary, but you keep it online and everyone can read it.

6 Learn about Yourself

When you are writing about your own life, it forces you to reflect on your day and the way you handle life. That is one of the great reasons to start a blog. It teaches you so much about yourself just by having you write about your life. Even if your blog is focused on a specific topic, you will be forced to evaluate the way you handle things and will give you insight into yourself.

7 Make a Difference

You have millions of people on the Internet who could potentially read your blog. Use that potential to make the world a better place. Share a cause you are passionate about and let others know how they can get involved. If even one person takes what you are saying to heart, they can inspire hundreds more people. All it takes is one blog post to make a difference.

There is so much you can do with your own blog. It can be to share your creativity, rally people for a cause, or even just to talk about your day. A blog may be hard to maintain or it can be hard to think of new content sometimes, but it is worth it in the end. What did you think of these reasons to start a blog? What would be the reasons you would start a blog? Do you have a blog, and if so, what do you write about?

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