Get Inspired by a Few Splendid Ideas for a New Blog ...

By Alison

Do you need some ideas for a new blog? Blogging is a fun way of sharing your thoughts with the world and giving yourself a creative outlet. While it's difficult to come up with anything truly original given the saturation of blogs, it can still be something that's very satisfying for you personally. You're also unlikely to make a fortune from your blog, but could still earn a little extra cash from it. Here are some possible ideas for a new blog …

1 Lifestyle

One of the ideas for a new blog you could try is a lifestyle blog. This is a wide-ranging category that could cover anything from life in a foreign country to doing up your house. Make your readers interested in your life and keen to hear about your next steps. Personality counts for a lot here, so try to bring your unique voice to your blog.

2 Hobby

Do you have an interesting hobby? Start blogging about it. Feature art or music that you create, especially if you use an unusual medium. People may stumble across your blog and want to know more about your hobby. By writing about it you could encourage more people to take up the same hobby! You will also find other people who share your interests.

3 Expert

Are you reasonably expert in a particular topic? Share your knowledge in a blog. You could provide readers with some very useful advice. Make your blog the go-to place for your readers when they need to know something on your subject.

4 With a Twist

Since there are very few genuinely original ideas in blogging, you could pick a subject and add a twist to make it different from other blogs on the same subject. For example, there are lots of blogs on refashioning garments. So how can you make yours different? Focus on refashioning garments from a particular decade, or that you've inherited, or only garments in the color pink. There are lots of possibilities!

5 Humor

If you've got a talent for comic writing then why not turn that into a blog? Everyone loves a laugh, so write about anything that you find funny. There is an endless supply of source material everywhere you look. Life can be quite absurd at times, and pretty much anything can be given a humorous twist, so look around and see what you can use as inspiration.

6 Creative Writing

With the advent of blogging, everyone has an outlet for their creative writing. You might not get paid - most writers don't earn much, if anything, for their work - but you will have a platform to express your thoughts. It's a good way of finding an audience, honing your writing skills, and getting feedback.

7 Recipes

Do you love cooking? Have you been diagnosed with a food allergy? Have you been handed down some amazing family recipes? Share your recipes with your readers or relate your journey into a new way of cooking. People who are interested in cooking or have the same food allergy will relate to your blog and can share some useful tips with you.

So have a go at blogging - you could find it becomes a success! Your blog may take on a life of its own and go in a different direction. What is your favorite blog about?

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