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7 Ways Reading Blogs is as Healthy as Reading Books ...

By Alicia

I love reading blogs. In fact, it’s one of those things I do every day while I’m getting myself motivated in the early morning hours. It’s fun to see what my favorite bloggers have to share each day. Some people may feel that reading blogs may not be as healthy as reading books, but here are some reasons why that’s not the case.

1 Reading is Reading

You know, reading is reading. My son was struggling with reading several years ago and his teacher told me to get him to read anything I could. She said it could be the instructions off of a brownie mix if that’s what he was interested in. I love reading blogs and books and feel they both have value. They’re different, but both still engage your mind.

2 There Are Blogs on Practically Every Subject

What do you love to read about? There are blogs on practically every subject just like there are books on practically every subject. It’s true that blogs generally don’t go quite as deep as books do. However, there’s a value to blogs. They’re a great read when you’ve only got a short amount of time to spare.

3 You Can Learn from Blogs, Too

Books and blogs both offer valuable information. You can learn from both. I follow a blog that I’ve learned tons of hair and makeup techniques from. Another of my favorite blogs has taught me new methods of cooking as well as broadened my recipe collection. I love learning from both sources.

4 Blogs Are Very Enjoyable

I love to completely lose myself in a good book. It’s one of my very favorite ways to spend an evening. But blogs are enjoyable, too. It can be fun to keep up with a blog, especially if the blogger shares tidbits about their personal life. You don’t truly know them, but you feel like you do. You can enjoy those bits that they choose to share and may find yourself celebrating along with them when good things happen.

5 Blogs Can Be Very Inspirational

Each of us has a journey while we’re on this planet. They’re all vastly different, but they’re all significant. Blogs can inspire you along your journey, just as books can. They can help you through a struggling time that you’re facing or encourage you as you climb to meet a challenge in order to better your life. Because they can both accomplish that, they’re equally healthy choices of reading.

6 Both Motivate You to Continue Reading

Blogs and books both can motivate you to continue reading. If you’ve ever lost yourself in a good book then you know exactly what I mean. You don’t want to do anything else until you see how the story ends. In a blog, you want to keep reading to see what’s new and what’s next. Both keep you interested in reading and that’s what’s important.

7 Both Are a Diversion from the Stress of Life

Let’s face it; life can be stressful. Sometimes you need a diversion to help you deal. Reading is a great choice when you need a temporary distraction. Blogs and books both give you the luxury of a mental break. It’s wonderful when you can step away from your problems for a few moments and enjoy the beauty of good writing, in whatever form that may be.

These are 7 ways that reading blogs is as healthy as books. Are you a blog or book reader? Do you love to read both?

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