Essential Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone Who Wants to Start Their Own Blog ...


Essential Step-by-Step Guide  for Everyone Who Wants to Start Their Own Blog ...
Essential Step-by-Step Guide  for Everyone Who Wants to Start Their Own Blog ...

Having your own blog can be pretty dang awesome! Getting started isn't always all that easy though. Use these tips and you should be on your way in no time at all.

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THINK outside the BOX

Being able to start a blog, I needed to think of numerous kinds of blogs that have been doing well and I realized that I am a person who has a huge interest in fashion and clothing. But at the same time, I wanted to stand out in the crowd and start an innovative blog that hasn’t been thought up by anyone yet. There are food blogs, fitness blogs, fashion blogs, OR you could limit yourself to ONLY ONE particular interest such as handbags or watches or cakes. The list never ends. Think about that one thing that you are passionate about and if it’s more than one, find a combination to fit them all perfectly in one blog.



Obviously you have a slight idea about what your blog is going to be, but the second main step is to decide how you are going to manage to include pictures and write the content. If you wish to hire a photographer or a content writer, keep in mind you will have to pay them. If you believe you can write or take pictures yourself, the most important thing to do is buy a camera that suits your photography demands. If you think you lack knowledge about the content, go through famous blogs that are written by talented bloggers to get some ideas. The secret to the blog is honesty and creativity.



Sit and write down the possible name of blog and check if the domain is available. You may check the availability on or You next step is to find a target audience. Promoting your social media blog is easier these days, whether it be on Facebook or Twitter. Write down your budget, the equipment you need, famous bloggers you can learn from, weaknesses, strengths that you have, places for photos and free website makers.



It may sound easy but finding ideas for the content could be hard. As mentioned earlier, the secret to the blog is honesty and creativity. When you have your content and photos ready, go through them again and take feedback from your close friends and family. Remember, this will be your first post on your blog, and it has got to be really strong if you want your audience to like the blog.



There are many websites that let users design and make their own websites for free and my favorite one is You can choose from a wide list of templates that are good for a blogging website. Hiring someone to create website and further manage it could be hard for those bloggers on low budget, but is another option you might consider. Your domain name needs to be short and simple, the name of the blog shouldn't be too complicated for people to remember. It has to be catchy, trendy or something that holds your blog together.



Prepare a social message for your friends and family to have a look at your blog, and for them to further suggest your blog to their friends. The more you take an effort in spreading awareness about your new blog, the easier it will get to attract viewers.


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