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7 Points to Consider before Starting a Blog ...

By Alison

If you're thinking of starting a blog, you'll need to consider a number of points before you get going. Blogging has rapidly become a very overcrowded market, so you'll need to make your blog stand out for it to be noticed. It's not as easy as writing an entry and waiting for people to bookmark your page. Here are some points to consider before starting a blog …

1 Something New

The big problem with starting a blog is that the subject has very likely been covered before. Blogging is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and it's really taken off in recent years. So, since you're unlikely to stumble across something completely new, can you add an original slant to a much-covered topic?

2 Passionate

To create even a moderately successful blog, you must be passionate about the subject. Nobody is going to read a blog that looks as though it was thrown together in a half-hearted attempt to make money with affiliate links. You not only want people to read your blog, you want them to keep coming back and to share the link.

3 Time to Update

Since you want to retain readers, you must give them fresh content to read. You should make them look forward to reading new entries in your blog and want to participate. So ask yourself if you have time to regularly update your blog. If at any point other commitments mean you have to take a hiatus, you can tell your readers that you'll be off for a while but will resume at a later date.

4 What is Your Aim?

If you think you will make a fortune from blogging, think again. Do you want to make contact with like-minded people, network, or simply share recipes or ideas? Have a clear aim in mind, and decide where you are going to find your readers. Some will stumble across you by chance, but you will need to help readers find your blog. It's a great idea to link with other bloggers who write on a similar theme.

5 Who Are You Writing for?

You should also decide who you want to attract to your blog, as this will guide your style of writing. For example, let's say you want to encourage more people to refashion clothes. This is a very visual medium, so show photos of projects you've finished, and add instructions on how you refashioned the piece.

6 Are You Prepared?

Putting your opinions out there on the internet will very likely lead to some unpleasant comments. Are you ready to deal with this, or are negative comments going to upset you? If you can brush off negative comments about your work or writing, carry on.

7 Personal Nature

If you want to start a blog based on personal issues, remember that you are giving away personal information about yourself. Even if you delete entries, cached copies can still be accessed, or pages saved. However well you think you've disguised your identity, there is still a risk that people could work out who you are. So think very carefully before covering topics of this nature.

Blogging can be fun, and a good way of finding like-minded people. You'll be able to express your creative side and document your progress. It may even make you a few dollars, although despite the stories about bloggers with book deals, it isn't a route to riches. If you're going to write a blog, do so for the love of the subject and the opportunity to reach out to people. What would you like to blog about, and what is your favorite blog to read?

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