7 Reasons Being a Polite Driver is Good for You ...


Being a polite driver is more than the right thing to do. There are many benefits that you will gain from making this choice. If you need some encouragement to work on this skill, these are 7 reasons to give you that. These are some of the top ways that being a polite driver is good for you.

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You Feel Good about Yourself

When you are working on being a polite driver, you feel good about yourself. You don’t have to have guilt over having road rage for the rest of the day. You will know that you did your part to make the roadways a little kinder. And while that sounds a little cheesy, it really is true. You do feel better when you are a polite driver.


You Cut Your Stress Way down

Having road rage or just being a rude driver actually makes you feel stressed out. That will make everything in your life seem more difficult. Stress can also cause health problems or worsen those that already exist. It is a healthy choice to be a polite driver. Your stress level will come way down.


You Are Less Angry

Being a polite driver means that you are less angry overall. Being angry isn’t fun and it doesn’t make you feel very pleasant. When you get angry, your blood pressure and heart rate both go up, which is not healthy for you. Anger is an emotion that is harmful to you, your health and your relationships. It can even make you a danger to other drivers.


You Are in a Better Mood

When you make the choice to be a polite driver, you are in a better mood. Being polite to others has a lovely side effect: it makes us feel better. You can feel better about what you are doing and how you are brightening the day of others. I know that it always makes my day when I encounter a polite driver on the road. It is worth being a polite driver just to reap the benefits of being in a better mood.


You Are in Less Danger

When you are a rude driver, you put yourself and those in your car in danger. As sad as it is, there are drivers who can become violent toward others if they are rude to them on the roads. This is not a chance you should be willing to take. Additionally, you drive better when you are a polite driver than when you are angry. You are driving with a level head instead of letting your emotions rule.


Your Relationships with Others Will Improve

Nobody likes riding with someone with road rage. It is an unpleasant atmosphere for everyone in the car. Additionally, it puts you in a really foul mood. That can spill over into your relationships and make others want to avoid you. When you let go of that road rage and begin to be a polite driver, you will most likely find that your relationships with others improve.


You Invite Good Karma Back into Your Life

Think about this for a moment. When someone is polite to you on the roads, what does it make you feel? It is very likely that it makes you feel like paying that kindness forward. I know that is how it makes me feel. When you are a polite driver, you are inspiring others to make the same choice. This is a wonderful way of spreading good karma.

Being a polite driver has many benefits you will gain. Do you feel like you are a polite driver or is this something you need to work on? We all struggle with this issue from time to time.

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Karma is an invention of man.

I do suffer from this, unfortunately :( Great article!

I'll never forget cutting of someone on the interstate going 85mph. They hammered it to catch up to me, so I slowed down to 20mph in a 70 and they stayed behind me. At night of course. Don't play games on the road!

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