7 Reasons to Be Friends with Your Cousins ...

By Chelsie

Friends can come and go, but your cousins are family and are with you forever, which is why there are good reasons to be friends with your cousins. I have a lot of cousins, and I am very close to several of them. Having their friendship has meant so much to me. I know I can call them when I need them, and I know I will always have a good time when I am with them. Because I am such good friends with a couple of my cousins, I have learned that there are plenty of reasons to be friends with your cousins.

1 Family Connection

One of the most obvious reasons to be friends with your cousins is that there is a family connection. Having friends who are also a part of your family is wonderful. At family gatherings you know you will always have a friend you can talk to. Also, because you are connected to your cousins through family, you can count on seeing them at least several times a year.

2 Usually Close in Age

Generally, the majority of your cousins will be close to your age. Because they are close in age they can relate to where you are at in life because they are in the same place too. While you can have friends who are older or younger than you are, it is nice to have a few friends close to your age, especially if they are your cousins because they really understand your life situation.

3 Know a Lot about You

While some people are lucky enough to have friends that they have known since elementary school, many people don’t have lifelong friends. Of course, that isn’t true if you are friends with your cousins. When you are friends with your cousins you have a friend who has known you for your entire life, and, consequently, knows a lot about you.

4 Love You No Matter What

Unfortunately, not all friendships last, and some end over petty fights. When you are friends with your cousins, you know that they will love you no matter what and there is very little chance of the friendship ending over a silly fight. The few fights that I have had with my cousins have always resolved, because in the end we are family and love each other.

5 Understand Your Crazy Family

How often have you gone to your friends to vent about your crazy family? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to go to who really understands? Because they are already a part of your family, your cousins will automatically understand why someone is driving you crazy. Not only will they listen, but they will probably have their own story that will make you feel better.

6 Will do Whatever They Can for You

While most friends will be there for if you call them, your cousins will go the extra mile. They will go out of their way to help you, because not only are they your friends, they are also your family. Isn’t it nice to know there is someone you can always count on?

7 Already a Part of Your Life

Your cousins have been a part of your life since you were born, and they are going to stay a part of your life. Because they are already there, it makes sense to cultivate a friendship. After all, you know you are going to be seeing them; wouldn’t it be nice to be seeing a friend and a cousin?

There is never a reason to have cousins you barely talk to. They are your family, and they can be also be your friends. Like any friendship, it may take a little effort at first, but having cousins who are also your friends is well worth the effort. Are you friends with your cousins?

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