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7 Reasons Why Nighttime is so Much Better than Daytime ...

By Vladlena

As a night owl I can go on and on about why night is so much better than day, especially those summer nights when the weather is just right and there are still things you can do outside. While the daytime has its own allure, there is something enticing and charming about the nighttime. Just the overall atmosphere and ambiance are different, but in a good way! Here are some of the reasons why night is so much better than day.

1 Tranquility

Generally, busy streets and public places become very tranquil and peaceful at nighttime, which is why many people enjoy taking walks once the sun is down. Depending on where you are, all you hear are the sounds of cars and crickets, which can have very calming effects. I guess one of the main reasons why night is so much better is because we get the chance to enjoy peace and quiet in places you never would during daytime.

2 Breeze

I don’t think there is anything better than summer nights when the temperature is breezy, not too hot and not too cold. Especially after spending most of the day in the summer heat, it’s nice to be able to cool down once it gets dark. You can finally open the windows so the chilly winds gush into your room.

3 Streetlights

I tend to have a love and hate relationships with streetlights. On one hand I love how they illuminate the empty streets, but on the other hand they tend to make stargazing a lot more difficult. Nonetheless, taking nightly strolls would be impossible without them!

4 Beautiful Sky

The sun makes it very hard to enjoy the sky, so the only time we can truly take in its beauty is once the sun begins to set. Once the dark totally sets in, the moon and the stars come out for us to enjoy, which is when stargazing is the most appropriate!

5 Late Night Conversations

Have you ever noticed how much more significant late night conversations are in comparison to those during the day? Looking back, some of my most memorable and meaningful conversations with family and friends happened in the middle of the night. There must be something comforting about nighttime, because people tend to open up and get into deep discussions only then.

6 Time to De-stress

When you think about the daytime, you automatically think of your hectic schedule, the errands you have to run, the chores you have to complete and the work you have to get done. However, the nighttime is the time when you can de-stress and get some alone time to do whatever you want!

7 Nighttime Fun

Just because the majority of the population sleeps at night, it doesn't mean that there is nothing to do outside. There is always exciting nightlife, outdoor movie screenings, restaurant reservations, etc! Especially once you hit your adult life, you will notice that there are plenty of things to do before the sun rises!

I’ve always enjoyed the nighttime, ever since I was young. It might have been because I liked to stay up and dreaded getting up early in the morning! However, over time I grew to appreciate more things about the night. Which do you prefer, the day or the night? Share in the comments!

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