Thought-provoking Points to Consider if You're Thinking of Dropping out of College ...


What are the points to consider if you're thinking of dropping out of college? It's not uncommon to find that you're not enjoying college as much as you'd expected, and to think that you're the only one on campus who's not having a great time. But before you make that final decision to leave college, there's a lot to think about. Here are some points to consider if you're thinking of dropping out of college …

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Change of Course

One of the points to consider if you're thinking of dropping out of college is whether it's the course that isn't right for you. Perhaps you need to find a different course or change your major. Colleges and universities are usually amenable to students changing course in their first year, so talk to your tutor and get their advice on whether another course would be better for you.



Also look into the financial implications of dropping out. It can be better to stick it out and graduate, rather than drop out without finishing your degree. You will almost certainly have to pay back your student loans regardless, so consider carefully whether you want to be stuck with the repayments and not even have a degree to show for it.



What will the implications be if you drop out? Will it be easy to find work, or to return to college later? If you have serious financial problems or personal issues that are affecting your studies, consider a leave of absence instead. It may be better to take time out and return to college later on. Again, talk to your tutor first.


Help Available

Whatever is making you consider dropping out, there is probably a solution out there. You may be able to get a grant of some kind, or move to a cheaper residence. If you have medical issues, a letter from your doctor may help. If you're having emotional problems, seek help from your college's counselling service.



Also ask yourself if you will regret dropping out in the future. It may seem like the answer now, but will you look back and wish that you'd stayed in college? You tend to regret what you haven't done, rather than what you did. Dropping out could be a big mistake, as you'll likely wish that you'd stuck it out and got a degree.


What Will You do?

Think about what you'll do if you do decide to drop out. What are your chances of getting a job? Your parents probably won't be too happy if you just want to go back home and hang around all day. It also won't help your self-esteem if you drop out without a plan either.



Whatever your reasons are for wanting to drop out, seek advice. There are many things that can be done to help. Your college doesn't want students dropping out, so will do everything they can to help you. There is advice available on changing course, dealing with personal problems and financial assistance. Few situations are unresolvable.

It's natural to feel lost and confused when you first go to college, but there is help out there. Dropping out should be a last resort, so talk to people first and get their advice. Stay at college and you'll probably wonder what you were worried about when you look back at this time. What do you think is the most difficult thing about going to college?

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While these points are nice. A lot of people can not afford the high prices of college. That does not make them any less valuable as an employee or citizen. Some learn through experience and as long as your passionate, and hardworking you can do anything.

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