7 Tips for Mature Students ...


7 Tips for Mature Students ...
7 Tips for Mature Students ...

If you're someone who is returning to their studies after a break from education then you might be interested in some of these tips for mature students. As someone who has recently returned to their studies after a long time, I believe that I have learnt a few things along the way and here are some of my tips for mature students.

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Don't Be Intimidated

Returning to studies can be intimidating. You might have had doubts about your abilities and you may also have been thinking that you're too old or not as (fill in the blank) as others. Always remember that you're following your heart and people return to their studies for so many different reasons. Don't feel intimidated by anyone else because there is only one you out there and you only get one chance when you're here!


Make Time for Studies

It's essential to make time for your studies. If you have taken a break from studying and climbed up the professional ladder in a career then going back to your studies may be something of a shock to the system. Lectures and seminars are only a small part of the study process and independent study will be expected. Be sure to give yourself time every week to do your reading, preparation and assignments so it doesn't all mount up.


Be Organised

There is a great saying: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Organisation and preparation is important if you're returning to your studies. I have a strict routine of lunch and outfit preparation the night before and then I feel as though I can rest a little easier. Also, avoid travel chaos by leaving home a little earlier if you can and check for travel up-dates. Of course, there are things that happen which you have no control over.


Make Time for You

Studying is fun and exciting but it can also be stressful if you don't make time for you. Give yourself time at the weekend to recalibrate. For example, indulge in some exercise like yoga or swimming and catch up with friends. Enjoy long hot baths and mindful meditation to relax your mind and prepare you for the exciting week ahead.


Keep Finances in Check

Keeping an eye on your finances as a mature student is also important. It can be tough to go from earning money to earning pittance or nothing but managing money is vital. Save money by taking lunches and snacks into college and take advantage of student discounts.


Keep Going

There will be days when you will feel like giving up but as Scarlet O'Hara famously said, tomorrow is another day. Your motivation and enthusiasm may come in peaks and troughs and sometimes, the attachment to the end product can mean we forget to enjoy the present moment because we're so afraid of failing. Instead, think in day-tight compartments and enjoy each moment. You won't get this time back!


Make Friends

Making friends and networking when you're studying is also important and is one of the great things about university or college is that you will meet so many people from all walks of life. Embrace the opportunity to make life-long friends of different ages and backgrounds.

Has anyone else returned to their studies after a break? What words of advice would you offer to mature students.

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I have recently returned to uni after 7 years of being really, really poorly. I am really struggling with it- I've gone back into my 2nd year- I don't know anybody and I'm really struggling with the work!! Anyone have any tips? :(

I've just started beauty college tonight!! 28 and probably one of the oldest there!! Cant believe I'm doing a full time job and evening college, a lot to manage but prioritising will have me complete this 👍

I returned to school after 22 years. I have stayed on the Dean's List which is very much different from the first time I attended college. I have made great friends & they are not bothered that I'm their parents' age. I have made some great connections on & off campus. This is the best thing I could have done! My graduation date is December 2015!!!

I and my other mature friends agree that out grasping capacity has gone low...maybe it's the exhaustion from the work and life, but at 29 (am doing a masters in law), it's definitely not the same as it was when I was 19! Have to read more and all. But as mentioned in this article, the relative experience and all does help. Plus there are days you just feel sooo good when you have finally memorised and understood an article written by some Law Lord in 1815 😊🙈

Totally agree with all these tips!!!! We shouldn't be intimidated by other students. I'm about to do year 11/12 and it's very competitive. Focusing on your own studies is the best thing you can do

I agree with all of these tips! I am 15 years older than the first year students. It took me a while to get over the age difference. But once you get going you start to notice you are not the only mature student. Being a mature student allows me to relate-/apply personal experience the younger student likely do not have. Plus a greater sense of accomplishment once the program is finished b/c it's harder the older you are :)

I'm 24 and in the middle of a second diploma, and finding that i'm more successful by focusing on my own, like Shanelle mentioned. I get sick of people getting confused over assignments and homework, it's usually a lot simpler than everyone makes it out to be! Ah well, last 6 months for me in my course (studying children's services) and then full time work will be what I'm seeking :)

I agree that the most important thing you can do is make friends with other students. I just graduated from college at 38 and there were multiple group projects to complete. Once I learned to embrace the silliness, learning became more enjoyable. While I never became bff's with any of the younger students, I don't think age was ever an issue.

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