7 Perks of Using Digital Invitations for Your Party ...


7 Perks of Using Digital Invitations for Your Party ...
7 Perks of Using Digital Invitations for Your Party ...

The perks of using digital invitations for your parties are endless. As the most convenient option, it is no shock that more people are beginning to rely on online invitation sites such as Punchbowl.com to help plan their parties. With the growth of technology comes the need to adapt to changes in trends. After reading these perks of using digital invitations, you will see why there is nothing wrong with staying ahead of the game!

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One of the top perks of using digital invitations involves issues of the monetary kind. By sending your invitations online, you are skipping the cost of postage. This may not seem like a major feat at the moment; however, expenses will add up! Also, why pay to have invitations printed when you can create and send them digitally at either a substantially cheaper cost or for free? Who wouldn't be persuaded by this alone?


To Whom This May Concern

Avoid having to figure out where your prospective guests live; it is much easier to send a digital invitation! If you want your friends to be surprised at your party announcement, this is the best way to go as you won't raise any suspicions by asking them for their addresses!


C for Creativity

With the advancements made in media today, the digital world allows more room for creativity. For instance, if you are engaged, emailing your invitations attached with pictures of your beloved and a Spotify playlist of songs that celebrate your announcement will make the invite that much more sentimental and special!


Quick and Efficient

Factor the amount of time it will take to buy and mail out physical invitations for your party. This is time that may be better spent planning the event itself! With a digital invitation, you won't have to worry about receiving the first batch of samples and fixing any mishaps. Sites like Pingg.com allow you to correct your mistakes as you go!


Easy Peasy

Making a digital invite is such a simple process that once you try it, you'll be tempted to make one for every occasion! Enter and confirm your information with one click; there are copious templates available to customize at the drop of a dime.


Rapid Response

All your guests will have to do is click the RSVP option that states whether or not they will be able to attend. Not only will the results be instantaneous, but it will be easier to see whether each guest has received the invitation in the first place! Who knew planning could be so easy?


Go Green!

Digital invitations leave less of a carbon footprint than printed invitations do. This is more than enough reason to go the digital route! Don't hesitate to send out invitations online instead of the more traditional way because you fear judgment from your guests. It's your event, which therefore implies that the ball is in your court and no one else's. If your budget isn't large enough to support more expenses, there is no shame to be found in telling any naysayers that you are simply going green!

Most digital invitation sites also allow you to send out complimentary thank you e-cards! Online invitations can be catered toward any occasion. Would you consider using digital invitations? What other alternative would you use for your invites?

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This is all great but the downside is they can send it to anyone ... Or screenshot it . Which will end in drama , uninvited guests and one unhappy hosts

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