9 Odd Things Your Dog Enjoys That You Probably Didn't Know ...


If you’ve had your dog for six months or six years, there are always ways to find new things your dog enjoys so you can understand them better. I’ve had my precious pup for six years and still learn about new things she loves everyday. Most of them are quite odd to a new dog owner, but to someone who’s had pets all her life, I know that these are simply the unique things that make her special. Letting your dog feel loved and behave in a natural, tamed state can be a great way to let them express their personality. Dogs are living creatures, not made to be confined to cages, outdoor heat 24/7, or aggressive, controlling behavior by their owners. When you treat them extra special, you’ll learn just what things your dog enjoys and they’ll be sure to show you lots of love too.

1. Your Clothes

Did you know that one of the things your dog enjoys are your clothes? I’m notorious for leaving a pair of socks out on my bed if my feet get hot, or leaving a pair of pajamas or yoga pants out on my desk chair if I’m running behind on my way out the door to work. To my surprise, when I get home, they are never where I left them! My dog carries my clothes, socks, bedroom shoes, etc., and places them in her dog bed with her to lie on while I’m gone. She loves smelling my scent when I’m away and doesn’t even chew on them like she did when she was a pup. Now, I leave them out for her because I know it makes her feel safe and not so alone when I’m away at work.

Raw Fruits and Veggies
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