Notes People Always Keep Saved on Their Phone ...


Notes People Always Keep Saved on Their Phone ...
Notes People Always Keep Saved on Their Phone ...

Your phone allows you to contact others, to play games, and to search the web. There's nothing it can't do. However, instead of only using it for entertainment purposes, you should start to use it for practical purposes, as well. If you have a bad memory, then there are plenty of ways for your phone to help you keep track of your day to day life. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few notes that you should always keep on your phone:

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Your Passwords

It's unsafe to use the same exact password on every single account that you create. Of course, when you have different passwords, it's hard to remember which ones go with which account. That's why you should keep a record of your passwords on your phone, so that they're always right there when you need them.


Your Classroom Numbers

If you don't want to carry around your class schedule for the whole year, you should type the classroom numbers into your phone, just in case you have a lapse in memory. You should write down your teacher's names too, so that you know how to spell them in case you need to write them down in the future. It's also a good idea to write down what homework you need to do, because there's a better chance of you remembering to check your cell than remembering to check your agenda.


Gift Ideas

It doesn't matter if it's January and your boyfriend's birthday isn't until July. If you come up with a great gift idea for him, you should jot it down. That way, when his birthday rolls around, you won't be drawing a blank.


Your to-do List

If you have chores you need to complete, write them down on your phone so you don't forget. Of course, you could also make a more entertaining list that includes all of the books and movies you want to buy. Don't you hate when you scroll through Netflix and can't find anything to watch, even though you know there are tons of movies you've been dying to see? If you keep a list, then you'll never have that problem again.


Inspirational Quotes

If you hear an inspirational quote from a celebrity, or even from a friend, you should write it down in your phone. That way, whenever you're feeling uninspired, you can check your cell to give yourself a boost in motivation.


Your Story Ideas

If you're a writer or a painter, you should write down whatever ideas you have as soon as they pop into your head. Even if you're not artistic, you should write down whatever dreams you had the night before. Turn your phone into a dream journal.


Important Conversations

Some days are more eventful than others. If your friend's crush told you something that you don't want to forget to pass on to her, write it down on your phone. That way, the next time you see her, you can look at the bullet points on your phone, so that you don't leave out any important details.

You're always going to have your phone with you, which is why it's the perfect place to store all of your important information. What types of notes do you always keep on your phone?

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yes gift ideas!

This is so me 😊

I wouldn't keep passwords on there-seems unsafe. Unless it's in an app that requires a code to access.

I need to start doing these, I'm only 20 and I have such a bad memory!😞

U saved my life and time.

NEVER store your passwords in your notes. You can get apps for your phone to store all your passwords and even your bank details, which require a passcode to access them.

I do all of this😂 it really seems to work for me though so I'd totally encourage anyone else to do it too. (:

Haha Notes is like my favorite/most used app on my phone. It's a great tool for writers.

I do no.4 all the time on my notes app so evrytine i go to shopping with my bf i know exactly what to get n were from rather than wasting time.. :p

I do too ^^ I keep all services number on my phone

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