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10 Things to Never Put on Facebook ...

By Diana

If you’re one of the millions of women out there who constantly updates her Facebook, there are a few things you should avoid posting at all costs. Sure, social media can seem like all fun and games. But if you don’t think before you hit post, your actions on Facebook can have serious consequences on life outside the Web. Here are 10 tips to help you stay safe on Facebook. Goodbye, drama!

1 Songs, Statuses, or Memes That Allude to Your Recent Breakup

As far as things never to post on Facebook, passive aggressive updates against your ex take the cake. Not only will these make you look angry and desperate, but I can assure you they’ll be one of your biggest online regrets.

2 Negative Posts about Other People

Ladies, I know there are a handful of people in your life who annoy the daylights out of you. But even if your profile is on super lockdown, users who are your «friends» on Facebook can easily take screenshots of your updates. And screenshots are forever.

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3 Your Vacation Plans

If you’re prepping for the vacation of your dreams, it can be all too easy to post excited statuses and trip countdowns. But even if your profile is private, your personal details can still spread like wildfire. So, save the vacay bragging until after you’re back with dozens of pretty photos.

4 Incessant Links to Your Blog/Fan Page

I get it: you’re the head honcho of a fabulous Fan Page, and that’s fantastic. But please don’t post links as Facebook updates or your favorite pair of Nike kicks on my wall. It’s just plain annoying and will result in an immediate de-friending.

5 Your Children’s or Younger Siblings’ Personal Information

Your little ones are oh-so-precious, so there are a number of things you should never post about them on Facebook. Avoid tagging their full names in photos or posting information about their school or extracurricular activities. Child predators can easily use this information to lure children into their web. Eek!

6 Surveys

Remember those 20-question surveys your friends keep asking you to take? Well, you should never post them on Facebook. Not only do they provide fellow users with intimate details about your life, but they can also be used by hackers to crack your passwords or security questions.

7 Job News

If you’ve just received a hot new job offer, go ahead and text as many friends as your heart desires. But never post it on Facebook. Remember, you wouldn’t want bragging to get in the way of a stellar letter of recommendation from your old boss.

8 Public Event Invitations

Unless you’re looking for random users showing up at your home with kegs of beer, never post party locations on Facebook. Instead, message your friends privately or send a mass text. Your roommates will thank you.

9 Your Phone Number

Chances are, you wouldn’t hand out your phone number to a good percentage of your Facebook friends. So, you should never post it to your page.

10 Compromising Photos

I can’t stress this point enough: never, ever post your drunk/half naked photos onto Facebook. If you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t plaster it all over the Internet.

Having the ideal Facebook experience is possible if you don’t post items that can be used against you. Have you ever been guilty of breaking these rules? How do you stay safe on Facebook?

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