5 Non-Verbal 🙊 Ways to Apologize 🙏 for People Who Just Can't 🙅 Say "I'm Sorry" 😔 ...

There are lots of non-verbal ways to apologize and they can certainly help you repair an issue or conflict you're dealing with.

It's not uncommon to have an altercation with someone and it's something we've all experienced. Sometimes you both tend to have to much pride to confess that you are sorry. You need to lose some of that pride and forgive and forget so that you can rekindle that relationship. It just doesn't make sense to remain angry and allow a disagreement to rob you of your joy. Here are some non-verbal ways to apologize when you're having trouble finding your words.

1. Take Them to Their Favorite Restaurant

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Food always seems to mend any kind of feud, but let the hostility calm down for a day or two. You'll both have worked up an appetite by then. You don't want to fuel the fire without extinguishing it first. A great meal can solve a lot of issues and is one of the best non-verbal ways to apologize.

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