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5 Discreet Ways to Stay in Touch with Difficult Siblings You'd Rather Keep Your Distance from ...

By Maria

Virtually everyone has a sibling or siblings, which means you might need ways to stay in touch with difficult siblings. Whether far or near, many of us really don't communicate with our siblings on a regular basis like we should. Yes, there is such a thing as loving from a far. If you have to keep some distance in order to get along with one another, that's one thing to consider. Here are five other ways to stay in touch with difficult siblings.

1 Call Them

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch with difficult siblings is to keep your communication on the phone. Now, I know many don't like conversing on the phone as much, but just picking up the phone just to say howdy doesn't take but a mere 5 minutes, and I am sure we all can spare that. If they decide to want to start a long chat, just tell them you can't chat long and that you have a bathroom emergency. This always seems to bring athe conversation to a halt.

2 Text Them

Texting has become very trendy and many people prefer this kind of communication because you don't have to hear the other person's voice or see their face. Kind of shallow huh? Texting is a sure way to stay in contact with your sibling, even if they decide to text you days, months, or even years later.

3 Send Them an Email

Everyone by now should have an email address. Emailing is another way of keeping in contact with your siblings. This is a sure way for them to not to see the reaction on your face once they ask if they could borrow some money from you. But for real, emailing is just like texting. It doesn't take too much effort. Just make sure you have the right email address so that you won't be sending any personal emails to anyone else.

4 Mail Them a Letter

I know, I know, this is an antique way to stay in contact with people, but it still works. This traditional way often works for people who aren't tech savvy because many of us refuse to become new aged. Mailing a letter or even a card just stating that they are thought of means a lot and it will make them feel closer to you.

5 Social Media

The particular vehicle of communication is used by the multitudes. It allows everyone on your friend list to see what you post, so being vigilant is a must. Social media is one of the best ways to stay in contact with your siblings.

Well there you have it. The most viable ways of staying in contact with your siblings. Choose wisely.

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