8 Easy Ways to Be a Good Friend if You Feel You're Falling Short ...


8 Easy Ways to Be a Good Friend if You Feel You're Falling Short ...
8 Easy Ways to Be a Good Friend if You Feel You're Falling Short ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “the only way to have a friend is to be one.” And there are lots of easy ways to be a good friend.

Some friends come and go but here are 8 easy ways to be a good friend and to build a friendship that will last for a long time.

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Do Something New Together

girl, hand, finger, product, Have you been reflecting on the past and what the two of you used to do? That's one of many easy ways to be a good friend, but there are more.“Start a new tradition with them,” Buzz Feed suggests. There are several things you two can try which will create new memories.


Celebrate Your Friend’s Success

audience, crowd, girl, event, interaction, Your friend will have ups and downs in her life. Recognize significant accomplishments in her life and be there to cheer her on. “She doesn’t just need a shoulder to cry on when she is in crisis. She’s also looking for someone to cheer her triumphs,” Real Simple explains.


Listen to What Your Friend Has to Say

photograph, facial expression, black and white, beauty, smile, Acknowledge that your friend has something she wants to say to you. According to Readers Digest, being a good listener involves maintaining eye contact, not finishing your friend’s sentences, minimizing distractions, and being careful with advice. Make sure your friend knows that you care by allowing her to speak about what is on her mind.


Choose when to Give Your Opinion

friendship, girl, fun, interaction, television program, Real Simple advises, “offer you opinion only if she asks for it.”
Sometimes your friend may just want to vent to you about how she feels. Instead of giving her your views on the situation, try to understand hers.


Remember Important Things in Her Life

girl, fun, product, friendship, Her family members, friends, and her job are all important to her. You don’t want to ask her ten times who she is talking about when she mentions one of her acquaintances. Buzz Feed says, “Learn the names…so you don’t have to keep saying, ‘Who?’ when she tells you a story.


Make an Effort to Talk to Her

fashion, crowd, girl, socialite, audience, It may not be easy to see her, but if you can then do. “Adults have to make more of an effort to see each other, and sometimes they don’t do that enough,” Real Simple explains.
If you have strict time commitments, try to talk to her on the phone.


Tell Her You Miss Her

white, photograph, black, person, facial expression, If she is on your mind, tell her that she is. It would be nice for her to know you are thinking of her. “Remind them that you miss them when you haven’t chatted in awhile,” Buzz Feed suggests.


Be There with Her Throughout Her Life Changes

girl, fun, friendship, product, “A good friend is one who stays true through it all - marriage, parenthood, new jobs, new homes, any losses,” Reader’s Digest states. Embrace the change that is bound to happen during a lifelong friendship. Be with her through different steps in her life and she will be by your side too.

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