31 National Geographic Birds in the Wild ...

By Neecey

31 National Geographic Birds in the Wild ...

The National Geographic birds are an incredible collection of wildlife photographs. Feeding, hunting, resting, in flight and tending to their young are all captured by clever and skillful – and very patient – photographers. These National Geographic birds will get your feathers a-ruffling.

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1 Wise Owl

Wise Owl Via Zacekfoto

Owls are among the most majestic in the realms of National Geographic birds.

2 Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock Via Peackock Photo, Bird Wallpaper – ...

I know that an albino can crop up in any species but I didn't realize there were so many albino peacocks. It's as stunning as its multi-colored cousin.

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3 Diving Kingfisher

Diving Kingfisher Via Blue Pueblo

A stunning action shot of a blaze of blue as it dives after a fish.

4 Prey in Its Sights

Prey in Its Sights Via Natureland : Photo

Wildlife photographers must be incredibly patient people.

5 Weaver Bird

Weaver Bird Via onedio.com

The Weaver is one of the supreme architects of the bird world.

6 Egret

Egret Via Зверские шедевры National Geographic

The stunning egret is a wetlands bird. That emerald flash on its beak is an incredible color.

7 Mother Great Gray Owl and Babies

Mother Great Gray Owl and Babies Via i Smiled You: The Mother ...

Some baby birds are darned ugly but they grow into such beauties.

8 Flamingos

Flamingos Via 254FOREST

The birds with balance. They spend ages standing on one leg.

9 Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken Via wiadomosci.gazeta.pl

Chickens have great characters.

10 Wine-throated Hummingbird

Wine-throated Hummingbird Via Bird Love

The hummingbirds are the smallest species of bird. Some of them are no bigger than your thumb.

11 Scottish Seagulls

Scottish Seagulls Via cosmic.

We've had seagulls around us recently, which is quite strange. It's not very usual, especially as I live about 90 miles from the sea.

12 European Starling

European Starling Via Nature - Week 6 Gallery ...

The Estonians believe this bird's call is the harbinger of spring.

13 Steller's Jay

Steller's Jay Via Natures Doorways

Yosemite Park is a majestic setting for a majestic bird.

14 Night Heron

Night Heron Via National Geographic Photo Contest 12 ...

Birds are so graceful in flight yet so clumsy when coming in to land.

15 Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise

Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise Via ‘Birds of Paradise’ at the ...

The Birds-of-paradise are known for their highly colored plumage and elaborate courtship rituals and choreography.
(See more here: 9 Stunning Birds of Paradise.)

16 Preening Parakeet

Preening Parakeet Via Parakeet - National Geographic Photo ...

I originally stated that these were National Geographic birds in the wild. This is in fact a shot of a parakeet in Atlanta Zoo but the plumage is so amazing, I just had to include it.

17 Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

Rufous Tailed Hummingbird Via Rufous Tailed Hummingbird - National ...

Hummingbirds maintain their hover at flowers to drink the nectar by flapping their wings many times a minute.

18 Tricolored Heron

Tricolored Heron Via St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s Wading ...

What a regal creature.

19 Resplendent Quetzal

Resplendent Quetzal Via Resplendent Quetzal

This little fellow lights up the rainforests of Costa Rica.

20 Great Egret

Great Egret Via Blue Black Scarf Check Scarf ...

Am loving the reflection in the lagoon (Taken in the Pantanal Wetlands in Brazil - the World’s largest wetland area.)

21 Colorful Macaws

Colorful Macaws Via Vintage National Geographic

The macaws have made their nest in a steep riverbank in the rainforests of Peru.

22 Scaly-breasted Munia

Scaly-breasted Munia Via Scaly-breasted munias are estrildid finches ...

Not a very resplendent sounding name for a striking looking bird.

23 Baby Penguin

Baby Penguin Via Penguin

The inspiration for "Happy Feet."

24 Ostrich Chick

Ostrich Chick Via Ostrich Chick

Unlike the ugly ducklings of the bird world, ostrich chicks are cute. Not so much when they grow into adults.

25 Salmon-crested Cockatoo

Salmon-crested Cockatoo Via A Salmon-crested Cockatoo by Joel ...

The Australian cockatoos come in a range of colors, although snow white is the most common.

26 Foja Parotia

Foja Parotia Via Birds - All

The Western Parotia is one of the less-colorful birds-of-paradise but has one of the most elaborately choreographed courtship routines.

27 European Bee-eater

European Bee-eater Via StudioView - Merops apiaster by ...

Such grace and beauty.

28 Proud Puffin

Proud Puffin Via "The Dive for Life" - ...

Puffing out his chest as he surveys his domain.

29 Formosan Blue Magpie

Formosan Blue Magpie Via Museum of Birds

This blue beauty is the national bird of Taiwan.

30 Bald Eagle in Flight

Bald Eagle in Flight Via American Bald Eagle

He's caught himself a magnificent feast.

31 Asian Crested Ibis

Asian Crested Ibis Via Best Rare-Bird Pictures of 2010 ...

This lovely looking bird is currently on the endangered list.

The National Geographic birds introduce us to a wonderful world of beauty and color. Do you have a favorite bird?

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