46 Unforgettable Magazine Covers from Days Gone by ...

By Eliza

46 Unforgettable Magazine Covers from Days Gone by ...

When it comes to magazine covers, there is nothing more sure to draw in a buyer than the image on the front. If a publisher can hook someone with just the cover, they've done their job. That's why there are so many great magazine covers that have a place in history. Here, I've collected just a few of them in one place. Maybe you remember some, but I guarantee you'll want to hunt down a few issues once you see what's gracing the cover.

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1 Overlaid Color

Overlaid Color Via 50 Alluring Magazine Cover Designs ...
The colors are superimposed on top of the black and white image, which makes this one of the coolest magazine covers I've ever seen.

Updated on 6/9/2023

This magazine cover features an image of a woman in black and white with a vibrant overlay of colors. The colors are strategically placed to create a dynamic and eye-catching design. The colors are bright and vivid, giving the cover a modern and stylish look.

The woman featured on the cover is wearing an elegant and fashionable dress, which further adds to the overall style of the cover. The colors used in the overlay provide a contrast to the black and white image, creating an interesting visual effect. This is a great example of how color can be used to create an impactful and memorable magazine cover.

The colors used in the overlay are also symbolic of the content of the magazine. The colors represent the various topics covered in the magazine, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture. This is a great way to communicate the content of the magazine and attract readers.

This magazine cover is a great example of how to create an effective and memorable cover design. The combination of black and white and vibrant colors creates an interesting visual effect, while the use of color is symbolic of the content of the magazine. This magazine cover is sure to be remembered by readers and make a lasting impression.

2 Simple

Simple Via 42 Absolutely Stunning Magazine Covers ...
This cover is simple and isn't super colorful, but it makes me want to see what the magazine is all about.

"My ladies, we know that moving to a new place can be both exciting and daunting all at the same time. After the hustle and bustle of packing and moving, now comes a new challenge - unpacking. You might be wondering 'how long does it take to unpack after moving'? Well, that varies depending on several factors. Let's help you demystify this process and make it a fun experience."

3 Vintage Vogue

Vintage Vogue Via Maddies Logo inspiration board
Vogue has always had some stunning magazine covers, but their vintage ones are some of the best.

4 Not a Person

Not a Person Via フラワーデザイナー6
Most magazines have a person on the cover, but I love that this one doesn't.

5 Something Different

Something Different Via All sizes | Wired Magazine ...
You definitely won't find another magazine cover like this one anywhere.

6 Zoom in

Zoom in Via pinterest.com
I like how the image contained in the diamond is a zoomed in version of the one in the background.

7 Any Genre

Any Genre Via Collect (Australia) - Coverjunkie.com
There is seriously a magazine for anyone, and if you are a collector, this might be the one for you.

8 Fancy Lettering

Fancy Lettering Via Behance
The different fonts on this magazine cover are what drew me in. The blue color can't be beat either. What do you think?

9 For the Foodie

For the Foodie Via Cincinnati (US) - Coverjunkie.com
The neutral simplicity of the background highlights the delicious meal in the center.

10 Pops of Color

Pops of Color Via Art Direction by Rebecca Chew ...
The use of yellow really makes this magazine cover pop. And who doesn't love Bradley Cooper?

11 Artist's Dream

Artist's Dream Via motelrocks.co.uk
I can see this magazine drawing in any creative type. There's just something so creative about it.

12 Handwritten

Handwritten Via type.
The lettering on this magazine looks a bit like it was written by hand.

13 A Classic

A Classic Via FFFFOUND! | zkZL8.jpg (500×684)
Time magazine is one that I can always count on to have an interesting cover.

14 Japanese Magazine Cover

Japanese Magazine Cover Via Japanese Magazine Cover: Many faces ...
It might not be written in English, but this cover more than makes up for it. You can frame it and hang it in your home for a fun conversation starter.

15 Minimal Lettering

Minimal Lettering Via 50 Alluring Magazine Cover Designs ...
Without all the standard writing that appears on the average magazine, this cover has the chance to really stand out.

16 Cutting Paper

Cutting Paper Via Follow coverjunkie.com
By cutting the cover and laying it on a bright sheet of paper, this magazine has a look that can't be missed on any newsstand.

17 Skateboard

Skateboard Via Skateboard (Germany) - Coverjunkie.com
Here's another magazine that proves that you can find one about virtually any subject imaginable.

18 Travel Inspiration

Travel Inspiration Via NAS CAPAS
I wouldn't mind going for a swim here. Wouldn't you?

19 Whimsical

Whimsical Via Jim Flora Illustration
I challenge you to find another magazine cover that looks as cool as this one.

20 Used Magazine

Used Magazine Via Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe ...
I'm not as familiar with this magazine as I am with some others, but the cover sure makes me want to dive right in.

21 Celebrities

Celebrities Via Behance
Most people have been lured into buying a magazine because they like the celebrity on the front. Have you?

22 Masculine

Masculine Via MADE Magazine Subscription - mag ...
Sometimes masculine magazines can appeal to the female reader too. This cover looks like one I'd pick up.

23 Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter Via Cover of Idea Magazine, designed ...
If you left this magazine on your coffee table, it would be sure to get people talking.

24 Portland Outsider

Portland Outsider Via Portland Outsider (US) - Coverjunkie.com
The title of this magazine alone makes me want to find out more.

25 Lowercase Letters

Lowercase Letters Via Anthem: Issue 35
I always think titles in all lowercase letters look really cool.

26 Chalk Typography

Chalk Typography Via TIME.com on Twitter
The chalkboard look of this cover is a great one for an issue that centers around college.

27 George Clooney

George Clooney Via Poll: Do You Like George ...
Here's another great example of a famous celebrity used to sell a magazine.

28 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Via COVERED: Michelle Williams, Gisele Bundchen, ...
This is another stunning one, don't you think?

29 Letters on Top

Letters on Top Via thehayze.com
Placing the text on top of the image is sure to get people looking.

30 Book Cover

Book Cover Via buzzfeed.com
This magazine cover looks more like a book to me. What do you think?

31 Running Make-up

Running Make-up Via cover :: ocala magazine :: ...
You aren't going to see someone with their mascara running on a magazine cover often, which is what makes this one so genius.

32 Vintage Life

Vintage Life Via All sizes | Vintage Illustration ...
This is another great example of a vintage magazine cover.

33 Camera Placement

Camera Placement Via Weekend magazine cover
You can pretty much assume you're going to learn something about photography when you read this magazine.

34 Small Lettering

Small Lettering Via amazing
The small lettering lets a reader know what's inside, but doesn't detract from the photo of the celebrity.

35 Different

Different Via HQ design inspiration from all ...
The soft lighting and photo exposure of this cover is something you won't see all the time.

36 Play on Words

Play on Words Via Ape Newsletter - Thinkpiece
Using a play on words in the cover is sure to attract buyers.

37 Collage

Collage Via Coverjunkie celebrates creative magazine covers ...
I love how the photo looks like a combination of more than one model. It makes you think for sure!

38 Male or Female

Male or Female Via Which
It looks like this magazine appeals to both male and female readers.

39 Around the Image

Around the Image Via Art Direction by Rebecca Chew ...
I think it's really cool how the words move around the celebrity on the cover.

40 Needlepoint

Needlepoint Via 7 Fantastic Needlepoint Fashion Magazine ...
The needlepoint on this magazine gives it depth and texture.

41 Big Food

Big Food Via Arem Duplessis on Twitter
Anyone who loves food and loves to eat is going to pick this up for sure. I would!

42 Art

Art Via Projekt No. 6, 1978
The art on this magazine is wonderful, don't you think?

43 For Parents

For Parents Via Relax: Issue 97
There are tons of parenting magazines out there, but this one looks a little different from the others.

44 Repeated Image

Repeated Image Via Bayer, Herbert: Graphic Design, History
The repeated image with the various colored lips has a lot of impact here.

45 Simple and Not Overwhelming

Simple and Not Overwhelming Via Designspiration
The image here makes its point without taking over the entire cover.

46 Illustrated

Illustrated Via Expressive Pop Art Covers : ...
There's something to be said for an illustrated magazine cover.

Which one is your favorite? I read a lot of magazines to inspire my work and checking out the cover is always one of my favorite parts. Do you subscribe to any magazines?

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i don't see how they're so unforgettable, they're all boring

These are so cool! Some are especially creative. I don't know how people think of these covers.

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