7 Most Important Parts of Your House to Spring Clean ...

By Alicia

7 Most Important Parts of Your House to Spring Clean ...

We hear a lot of talk about spring cleaning your home but do you know what the most important parts of your house to spring clean are? It is all important, of course, but I want to talk about the parts that need spring cleaning the worst. These are the areas that tend to get the dirtiest in the house. If you follow this list about the most important parts of your house to spring clean then you will have made a huge dent in the fight against dirt and grime.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. The Walls
  2. 2. The Curtains
  3. 3. The Lights
  4. 4. The Floors
  5. 5. The Closets
  6. 6. The Cabinets
  7. 7. The Windows

1 The Walls

The Walls The walls are the first thing I think of when I think about the most important parts of your house to spring clean. I don’t know how but they catch so much dirt and grime throughout the year. Dust can just accumulate so easily on them. Taking the time to wash them down can just make a whole room feel cleaner. This is number one on my list of things that must be done when I spring clean.

2 The Curtains

The Curtains Curtains catch a lot of dust, too. They also can get cobwebs on them. A lot of times we don’t realize how dirty and dusty they are until we get close to them and really begin to look at them. Many curtains can be laundered at home but some require dry cleaning. Be sure to check yours before you attempt to launder them yourself.

3 The Lights

The Lights Lights are something that I really feel is important to spring clean. They are something that people often look at when they are in your home. It is very easy to see when dirt and dust build up on them. I always feel like my home is so much cleaner when I know that the lights are clean. One good thing about cleaning your lights is that it really doesn’t take long to do them.

4 The Floors

The Floors If you have hardwood floors, it may not be necessary to spring clean them. More than likely, you can give them a thorough cleaning with your regular weekly cleaning. This is not usually the case when you have carpets. Carpets can be vacuumed but it is very difficult to give them the deep down cleaning that they probably need. Whether you choose to clean them yourself or have them professionally done, it is an important part of spring cleaning.

5 The Closets

The Closets I don’t think that many people enjoy cleaning closets. It is a chore that can feel overwhelming. Yet it really needs to be done. I have found that spring is a really good time to do this for a couple of reasons. One, I am already working on other spring cleaning projects. Two, it is usually the time of year I am swapping out clothing so it works out well.

6 The Cabinets

The Cabinets Cleaning out kitchen cabinets, as well as wiping down the exterior of them, is a good chore to tackle when you are doing spring cleaning. Disorganized cabinets are not fun for anyone and make cooking more of a chore. Also, having sparkling kitchen cabinets makes your whole kitchen look better. This is a chore that can be completed fairly quickly, thankfully. You can usually wash down your kitchen cabinets and reorganize them in the space of a few hours.

7 The Windows

The Windows You cannot forget the windows. They are an important part of spring cleaning. I never really mind to do my windows, probably because I love to enjoy seeing outside and watching things bloom while I am spring cleaning. If you are struggling with windows that streak, try using plain water instead of Windex. Many people find using newspaper instead of a cleaning rag helps, too.

Spring cleaning is a big job but it feels so much better when it is completed. What are some of the most important parts of spring cleaning to you? Please share.

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