8 Most Divine and Famous Drag Queens and Female Impersonators ...


Female impersonators have long been popular on the English stage. Would it surprise you to know that in Shakespeare´s time, female parts were actually played by young men? Today we have their more flamboyant descendants in the form of drag queens. I love them! They are beautiful, entertaining and full of character. Here are some of the most famous drag queens and female impersonators.

1. Divine


Divine is without a doubt the most wonderful female impersonator ever. She appeared in many of John Waters´ less mainstream movies (not for the fainthearted), and also had success as a club singer. Sure, Divine was not the most glamorous figure, but if you look at her and just see a fat guy dressed up, then you are completely missing the point of what she was about. Listen to the above song and you might just get it. Much missed.

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