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7 Most Common Lies Job Interviewers Tell You ...

By Corina

If you’re looking for that perfect job you’ve always dreamed of, you should know that you are not the only one who might be tempted to add a few little, and apparently innocent, lies in your resume in order to make a wonderful first impression, because studies show that there are quite a few lies job interviewers tell you just to keep you interested. I know how stressful a job interview might be, since you have to do your research on that company, pick the right outfit and also be prepared to answer all kinds of unusual questions and at the same time, to try not to look too desperate. It’s pretty hard to find that dream job now days, especially with all those economic problems the entire world has to face lately, but you shouldn’t lose hope because you never know what opportunity you might encounter when you least expect it. Still, you should watch out for the most common lies job interviewers tell you, so you’ll be able to make the right decision and don’t regret your choice later.

1 “We Haven’t Decided about the Salary Yet”

This is definitely one of the most common lies job interviewers tell you in order to make some room for negotiation. Usually, most companies have a base line to start with regarding your salary, but they would want to know first, how much money you are willing to accept and if you ask for less than they are willing to pay you, then, they don’t have to offer you the amount of money they first had in mind. That’s why; it’s best to always wait for their offer before you accept any position in their company. If they are keep telling you that they are still not sure of the salary, be patient and elegantly avoid this subject because they will have to tell you eventually.

2 “You Are in the Lead for This Position”

Most job interviewers who tell you that, will only do it just because they are trying to be nice, even to flatter you or simply to keep your hopes up. Before you get excited and start dreaming about what would be like to work there, just calm down a little bit and see if you are the last candidate they interviewed, because if there are other people who will be interviewed next, then maybe you shouldn’t rely on what they told you so much. Try to avoid unrealistic expectations so you won’t get your feelings hurt.


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3 “We Value Your Social Life”

This is also one of the most common lies job interviewers might tell you in order to keep you interested and excited about their job offer. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear though, do a little research and find out if you really don’t have to work any late hours or if you don’t have to come to work during your weekends or vacation days or at least, if you will be paid for all your hard work, in case such a thing might happen.

4 “We Offer Excellent Benefits”

Dig a little deeper and try to find out exactly what kind of benefits they really do offer. Will you have a private health insurance or a dental plan? Will you be able to really take all those vacation days they promised you or will you have so much work to do that you won’t even be free during your weekends? Ask more questions and request more details regarding this topic, because you wouldn’t want to have any unpleasant surprises afterwards.

5 “We Offer Lots of Help to Get You Started”

Before accepting any position in their company, try to find out exactly what kind of help will they be willing to offer you. Will you have to read all kinds of manuals in your spare time or will you be able to do that during your work hours? Will you go to all kinds of trainings and seminars? Will you have a mentor or someone to turn to if/when you encounter any problems in your activity? Find out the answers to all these questions before making any decision regarding that job offer.

6 “We Will Make a Quick Decision”

You shouldn’t always believe this statement from any job interviewer, because there are quite a few protocols in human resources that should be respected and that can take quite a lot of time to be fulfilled. That’s why, most of the time, these decisions take time. Try to stay positive and don’t get discouraged if you haven’t received any phone call or e-mail from them the next day.

7 “We Will Keep You in Mind for Other Opportunities”

If they realize during the interview that you are not what they are looking for, most job interviewers don’t want to hurt your feelings and they might tell you that if they’ll decide you are not the perfect candidate for that job, they will still keep you in mind for other opportunities. Most of the times, this never happens, so don’t keep your hopes up and don’t abandon the search for a job because you’re waiting for another position to open up in their company. Keep looking and maybe you’ll even find something much better than what they were willing to offer you.

Remember that you are not the only one who might be tempted to tell a few little white lies during a job interview. The interviewers might do it too, because they may try to win you over and keep you interested. Have you ever noticed any lies told by recruiters during a job interview? What are, in your opinion, the most common lies job interviewers tell people? Please share your thoughts with us!


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