7 Mistakes Every College Girl Needs to Make ...


College is a time to find yourself and experience all of the mistakes every college girl needs to make. You have four (or five) years to learn about yourself and grow as a person, and making mistakes is a huge part of that. By making these mistakes, you will learn from them and appreciate the good things that will come from them. So make your bucket list of mistakes every college girl needs to make and start learning from your mistakes.

1. Dating a Bad Boy

Of all of the mistakes every college girl needs to make, this one is probably the most common. Who can resist the charm of a boy who lives on the edge? We all know it won’t end up well, but we still fall for them anyway. If you are going to date a bad boy, you might as well do it in college where things are less serious. Date the bad boy and when things go south, like they always do, it will be in a college environment. You will have plenty of chances to find a rebound and you have your schoolwork and clubs to distract you when you inevitably break up.

Failing an Exam
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